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Daniel wants to know what's going on but Dennis doesn't want to tell him. Then he says that he's supporting the church with his drug money. Daniel is surprisingly disgusted (is his transformation for real?) He asks did Dennis get the gun while he was in jail? Dennis says he was in control while Daniel was in jail and liked it. He IS the cartel and the church is the cartel and he has been stopping the gang wars. 

Sharon doesn't think Dennis is the murderer because he missed when he shot Barnes at close range. Meanwhile, Dennis wants Daniel to be proud of him for being a big name in the gangs.

The cops decide to follow Dennis and Cooper will follow the Taco truck.

Flynn calls the cops watching the Prices off while Chief Taylor looks bemused.

Provenza wants Buzz to make the guest list for his wedding. Buzz refuses. Anyway, Gary is here to be interviewed.

Gary is stupid enough to decide it's better not to have a lawyer than to have one. He wants to give them his accomplice if he doesn't get his third strike. He wants to turn Sharon Beck  in and thinks they want that too. He claims Sharon B. was Rusty's abuser, not him. Sharon R. leaves the room. She gets a text from Francine the ballistics expert that two serial numbers have been traced to the gun and one may be the solution she's looking for... One search is Tao and the other? Anyway, there was a delay in reporting the casings and Francine and Amy confess that Amy went to see Hickman. Amy has transcriptions of all her conversations. The other person who searched for the gun was Hickman.

Tao talks to Hickman who insists it's all fake and he didn't have the gun. Besides why would he kill Tamika? He doesn't buy that she's the third person etc. Hickman claims he was with his wife when Tamika was killed. But Amy tells him that alibi doesn't fly. Sharon R. asks them to check with the Taco truck. Her theory is that Sherrie Hickman did it.

Rusty says his mom never hit him. Sharon R. says the bigger problem is Gary saying Sharon planned the robbery. Rusty is stressed. Sharon R. suggests Rusty visit Gary and ask him what he wants, as Gary has waived his right to a lawyer (Finally a return of his journalism skills!)

Howard says the burner phone is not connected to anything. Sharon says someone knew about the heroin and put the gun there and the phone has to be connected. Buddha had prepaids. Maybe that's the connection.

Stephanie calls. She and Julio are after the dope.

Sherrie comes. She won't talk to Amy.

Tao, Julio and Stephanie investigate a warehouse. Someone has cut the power.

Chief Taylor has doubts as usual about th detectives' theory. 

Sherrie is upset that Tao didn't tell her about Mark and Rachel's affair.She looked at Mark's work emails and Mark was obsessed. She had all his passwords. His password was their wedding day. Anyway he never logged out at work. 

Julio left his gloves at Stephanie's. They have to use latex gloves. Dog's got something, interrupting their little flirtation. Julio sees powder on his glove.

Rusty goes to see Gary. He tells Gary he's the one who abused and abandoned him. Gary is mad that Sharon B. got rehab. He tries to make Rusty feel bad about his past. He goes on about how hard it was for him to sell Sharon's body. He was taking care of her and he got caught and he wants her in jail. Rusty smirks at the camera and tells Gary he's leaving him jus tlike Gary left him (go Rusty!)

Provenza is in a hurry because he wants to be there for his wedding. Hobbs has an idea to make the wedding more special.

The team brings Taylor up to speed on the Hickmans. But this theory doesn't include the heroin. (Do we really need all this exposition?)

They bring in a guy who was on his stoop smoking weed  He says Mrs. Hickman was not involved. He freezes when he sees Stephanie and ID's her as the shooter -- how heartbreaking that must be for Julio. Stephanie breaks down and says she's not dignifying this nonsense was a response. But everything adds up and Julio makes the accusation. Sharon says they all know, just like Rusty said to Gary.

Stephanie confesses but she didn't mean to kill the baby. She didn't think Tamika would have him in the car. Tamika had threatened to turn her in. Julio is devastated. Stephanie stupidly pulls her gun. She apologizes to Julio and tries to kill herself but the gun is empty. Julio switched the guns. Sykes arrests Stephanie.

The kid turns out to have been acting. He earns his protection. Taylor congratulates them all. Julio looks like he is going to cry.

Sykes goes to talk to Hickman who has an attitude. Sykes wants to warn him that their conversations might come up at Stephanie's trial. She encourages him to walk away from the bitterness. He says she will see they're not friends when this messes her up during testimony at a trial. 

Buzz films everyone at City Hall. Hobbs ushers everyone in. Julio stands by himself looking upset. Sharon offers him a word of sympathy,

The mayor comes to say officiate and say hello to everyone. Patrice has no family because Provenza arrested her granddaughter for murder -- that's how they met. Provenza runs in with a silly hat trying to look nice and they get married.


Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Daniel Price: Proud of you? Proud of you? No, brother. I pity you. You're going to hell.
Dennis Price: You cause me any problems and I'll make sure you go there first.

You live off my tithe. I'll make sure that you and Jesus get your 10%.