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Someone banging on a door. Shouts for someone to come out. He and his partner take out guns, kick in the door.  the place is deserted but the agents seem to be having a bit of trouble breathing. Open a door and go through it coughing. They find a decomposed body in the basement.

The victim, Corey, was supposed to be in court the day before. His name was Corey Hewitt, 20 years old. He was GPS tracked to this place after he skipped bail of $1 million. Provenza is annoyed that the bail bonds people broke into the house and ruined the crime scene.

Corey was wanted for armed robbery. He stole diamonds. He refused to give an accomplice's name.

ME says the guy died probably last Tuesday. Shot in the back of the head. Julio says the murder was professional, so maybe the accomplice. Provenza wants to search the place in case the diamonds are there and find out who owns the house.

Buzz wants to contact robbery-homicide. Provenza rudely declines.

Flynn has info about the crime. Corey and partner purposely hit a car in order to steal diamonds.

Flynn thinks he's good enough to work. He has to go testify against Slider. He's disappointed that Rusty is coming with him.

Rusty has a moral dilemma. Gus is coming to the trial. He's worried about Gus finding out he's there for Slider. Rusty hasn't talked to Gus since he went to Vegas. Sharon suggests Rusty talk to Gus before the proceedings.

Provenza says Corey was an amateur and his partner was a professional. The victim is known as Jaguar the Jeweler. He had diamonds on him -- how did the thieves know? Sharon thinks maybe the accomplice picked up Corey from jail after he got bailed out. Corey made a call as soon as he was freed. Security footage shows a minivan and plate, but it's a woman -- Corey's mom -- who was driving.

Corey's mom doesn't think her son is a bad person, that he just has a bad crowd. She doesn't know who his friends are. She didn't call missing persons and get him in trouble. She thinks he doesn' t understand about the bail being high. Provenza asks her about the day she picked Corey up. She says there's nothing to say. She picked him up and brought him home before going to work and then he disappeared. Sykes makes the notification.

Julio says that the number Corey called belonged to a dead six year old. So the accomplice is an identity thief.

The trial. Gus is testifying about being in touch with Mariana. He went by the shelter and she ran away. Slider looks away when Gus says Mariana was murdered.

Defense attorney asks if Gus' family was violent. Judge Grove orders questions be direct. Gus says stepfather is violent. Defense attorney says Gus was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and tries to imply Gus killed his sister. Hobbs asks him about the assault. He says his stepfather threw him out and started beating his mom and he broke the door down and hit his stepfather over the head.

Tao finds four ID's for the accomplice. The guy did a lot of scams. Never violent before.

The IDs are given to Corey's mother. She doesn't recognize any of them. She breaks down and says she can't deal with it.

Sykes finds that one of the ID's was reported missing then the report was withdrawn.

"Marvin's" girlfriend is hostile. Provenza wants to know about the relationship. She told another cop. She fell for this guy's scam and went out with him. He cooked amazing dinners and made it look like he was opening a restaurant. She invested $20G and came up with a business plan. Jaguar's diamonds were stolen from her hotel. She says she didn't mean to give Marvin any info about this. It came out while they were in bed. She says she could lose her career because she let sensitive info slip. She filed a missing persons report because she didn't realize he was one of the robbers until the cops questioned her. She couldn't reach him by phone and his so called restaurant is closed. Sharon wants the restaurant searched. Tao, Julio, Sykes and Buzz go.

There's noise coming from inside the restaurant. The cops come in guns drawn. They find Corey's mother with a sledge hammer.

Gus approaches Rusty and thanks him for being there. He knows he's a good guy. He asks if he was busy. Rusty apologizes for not texting him back. Gus wants to sit with him. Slider waves to him just then and smimles. Rusty looks really nervous.

Flynn is sworn in. Hobbs asks about physical evidence. Flynn confirms there was a matching barette in the pool. Flynn says 1 minute is enough to kill. He says let me explain then freezes up. Everyone thinks he is having an episode but then he says that was an example of how long 10 seconds is.

Sharon and Provenza interrogate Corey's mother. She says she was there to be sure that the guy killed Corey. She trusted the guy and her son is dead. She's been in a relationship with the guy, Avery Cook, for over a year. The three of them were in the robbery together. She said that Avery told her that Corey ran off with the diamonds.

Julio finds an Avery Cook in Camden, NJ. He is supposed to be Marvin at the Affiliate Motel in Burbank. Tao says to the detectives to go and he will send the warrant while they are en route. Sharon tells her to write that all down.

Marvin/Avery is arrested and says that Selma is lying to protect her son. Avery says this is a pattern. He doesn't want to talk about the robbery and make Corey look bad. He claims he just told Corey a story about his friend and didn't think Corey would actually use it to rob anybody. He claims Dolly is a great friend. Sharon tells him that Dolly thinks she's been bilked. He says he was giving her space because she had unrequited feelings for him. He makes it all sound like a big misunderstanding. Syke lists the fake ID's. He claims Corey ran away. He doesn't believe that Corey is dead. Avery seems shocked when he sees the photo of dead Corey. He says he was going to help Corey skip bail and go to Canada but Corey disappeared. He was in Morrow Bay when Corey called him. Flynn confirms this. He did not arrive in LA til after Corey was dead. Sharon wonders about the house where Corey was found.

Rusty is up early eating breakfast. He seems depressed. He is sure Slider will be convicted. He would vote for life in prison because he wants this over. He never told Gus about Slider. Sharon confronts Rusty about his behavior and is glad he feels bad because the way he is treating Gus is wrong.

The cops review the evidence. Provenza doesn't think Dolly is involved.

Julio has info about the house owner, Vasquez. He is locked up until 2018. Sykes says he has no connection to Corey and co. Provenza doesn't understand. Sharon wants to talk to Selma and wants to know about Vasquez's finances. Sykes offers Selma a deal if she answers one question honestly. Sykes asks how she paid for Corey's bail. Selma wants to know what will happen to Avery. She gave the bail bondsman some stolen diamonds to pay the bail. Vasquez also dealt with the same bailbonds person. She asks if she needs her lawyer. Tao shows her $2 million they found in her work safe and the box with the stolen diamonds. The cops' theory is that the bail bondswoman held Corey at gunpoint and made him give her the diamonds. She claims none of it happened. She called the cops when she found Corey's body. She says there's too much doubt and she wants her lawyer. Sharon tells Tao to put the money in evidence. They are seizing it. Tao has a ton of evidence to confront her with. She changes her mind for some reason and says to forget about the lawyer. She wants to know what gets her out of this. Hobbs will offer her Murder 2. She rants that Corey was scum that no one cares about. Sharon promises she will be held without bond.

Short deliberation. Jury is back. Rusty still has an excuse for not talking to Gus.

Slider is found guilty on all counts. Slider looks confused. Judge Grove tells jury not to talk about the case. Penalty phase is beginning.

Rusty goes to talk to Gus. But he is given a subpoena to testify. Gus wants to know what's going on. He gets angry because he thinks Rusty is Slider's friend and storms out before Rusty can explain. Rusty asks Sharon what he's going to do. Sharon tells him he is going to be a defense witness and puts her hand on his shoulder.

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