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Provenza appears to be taking in nature, though he doesn't look very happy about it. Tao joins him and gives him a weird look. Tao has an annoying name for the aroma.

They found a bunch of ashes. Apparently a body was chopped up and burned. Sanchez is late because CPS stopped by his house and met his mother. Provenza keeps complaining about Julio being late. Julio needs to get background from his co-workers before he can be approved for being a foster parent. He wants his co-workers to lie a little. He looks upset as they look at the body.

The CPS person has questions for Chief Taylor about what happened last week. She knows Sanchez lost his temper last week.  Taylor says Sanchez will be exonerated.

Back to the crime scene. They found a finger but not much else, and the ME on scene is annoying Provenza by calling the victim a "what" instead of a "whom."

The body was cut up by multiple instruments before being burned. Sharon thinks it sounds personal. The skull being in one piece but has a depression suggesting the skull was fractured. ME will try to get a print from the finger.

Flynn tells the CPS worker that Julio has changed where he's going. What happened all started with the thumb.

Tao and Buzz have two partials. But the software can fill in the gaps. A match is found. to one Adrian Silve.  They can't arrest a suspect but can use this to ID the victim. Adrian was a professional poker player with a record for illegal card games.

Adrian appears to have been in Thailand during the killing.

Provenza thinks maybe Adrian chopped up his own thumb and then went to Thailand.

Sharon is asked about Sanchez. She says that what's clear is Julio did what he thought was right. Rusty comes down the hall and the woman mentions that Rusty used ot be like a ferrel cat. CPS wants to know whether Julio made the right choice in whatever he did.

The detectives go to Adrian's home and get no answer. The house is empty except for a cat. Someone ordered a chainsaw online. Sanchez wants to get a DNA sample. He finds empty booze bottles in the bathroom garbage. Provenza discovers a hand saw was ordered. Sanchez sees something in the tub and they go to black lights. They figure the killer killed Adrian then ordered the tools to cut him up.

Provenza talks to some PR firm that does social media PR. The social media company is tweeting etc for Adrian. They suddenly think Adrian did something wrong. They can do I'm sorry tweets if he said something wrong. Sharon realizes the business is making a lot of money.

Sykes informs the company owners that Adrian is missing and possibly dead. The guy says he just got emails from Adrian about what to post. Tao gets the iPad from the company owners.

CPS is not interested in the technical explanation. She wants to know whether Sanchez is going to be a good father with this job.  She thinks Sanchez is self-destructive and if he fosters a child will die in the middle.

The emails are coming from two of Adrian's backers who are also associates of Sharon's ex-husband.

CPS wants to talk to Provenza, who does not want to talk to her. Provenza complains that Julio will put the kids above his job and that Rusty is a distraction. Sanchez will be worried about things other than his job.  He refuses to talk about what happened.

Sharon asks Rusty about social media. He doesn't want people finding him on FB. Rusty is sure Provenza is loving this case.

The backers say that they are joking about how if someone breaks their promise they break them. No violence. They are sure someone hacked them to send the emails. They are a cyber security company! (And boy are they stereotypical!) 

The recent photo they sent is half a year old and is from Malibu, not Thailand. Meanwhile the backers insist they are not fraudulent at all. They say they have an account for Adrian and he's been taking money out recently.

CPS interviews Sykes about whether Sanchez was self-destructive. Sykes says that she is prejudiced against men. Julio is willing to take a bullet for any of the team. It's self-sacrifice, not self-destruction.

Casino atms don't have cameras, but there's security cameras on the floor. The suspect has a hoodie and looks like Adrian but isn't as the DNA matches the body.

CPS says Julio would be good if it weren't for last week. She needs to know what happened. 

A pair of expensive sunglasses were purchased using Adrian's card. Glen went to Stanford with Adrian. They were FB friends until Adrian hired Glen. Sharon took a team to Glen's apartment. Glen's boss says Glen made a deal with Adrian and Glen needed it because the business was not doing well.

The stakeout is almost ruined by Buzz coming up in the elevator.

Glen came in while Provenza and Sanchez are talking to Glen's boss. Sanchez chased Glen despite Provenza telling him not to. Glen grabbed some woman and held a gun on her. Sanchez has his gun on him too. Provenza is backing him up. Sanchez explains to CPS he was thinking about his surroundings and the hostage. He had to make a decision. He put the gun away. He knew who Glen was because he investigated him. He negotiated with the guy instead. Glen gave up the gun and was arrested. 

CPS has questions about Sanchez's judgment. He thinks he made the right decision and will try to make the right decision with a kid.

Sharon and Chief Taylor tell CPS that Julio was actually under review to see if he should receive the medal of valor -- and he is being awarded it.

Rusty runs to catch the CPS worker and tell her that Julio is a great guy. He didn't trust anyone when he first met CPS. Sanchez understood his anger. 

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She decided to speak English, which was good, and she didn't tell them that I once tried to kill her nurse.


We have got to stop naming things. Give the Earth back some of its mystery.