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Mark doesn't want to be left alone in the car while Julio joins a murder investigation, but he reluctantly agrees to it. 

At the crime scene, a body is stuck in a tree and ME Kendall doesn't want to climb it. ME Morales shows up with his father. He wants his father to think he's got a position of power in the department. Provenza uses this to his advantage by getting Morales to climb the tree.

The victim is found with pot nearby and the autopsy shows that someone stepped on his hand and broke his fingers. Sharon and company go along with the ruse of Morales being important to Major Crime's leadership team. However, they have a bigger problem in that Winnie Davis thinks they are asking for special privileges and not worryng about the budget.

The investigation puts everyone's plans on hold, including Flynn's plan to surprise Sharon with a night away. Rusty convinces him that this plan is not a good idea. He convinces him to get Gus to get him and Sharon a reservation at Serves, the restaurant where they had their first date.

The investigation continues and leads the detectives to a woman who gives away pot with her photographs. The woman is super high but not much use. Major Crimes plans a search of the area where the victim was dropped out of a helicopter, and Sharon hopes they find a body since Davis is on the warpath about cost again.

Meanwhile, Andy tries to take Sharon to dinner but she says they can't go out while the case is pending. Andy is disappointed and shows Rusty that he bought a ring for Sharon. Rusty suggests that a crowded restaurant is not intimate enough.

Major Crimes picks up the two pilots that flew with the victim. Davis comes in to watch the interrogation and seems to have no clue about how investigations work, but is happy to throw her weight around.

Meanwhile, Julio encourages Mark to forgive his grandma for not being able to take care of him. The woman arrives to sign over her custody rights to Julio. She apologizes for being too old to be able to take care of Mark. Mark tells her he loves her and that they are family.

After arrests are made, Sharon comes home to a romantic dinner set up on the table and Rusty leaving. Andy shows her the ring.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Flynn: We caught a murder, so cancel everything.
Rusty: It's no problem, everything's insured, but can I just say I don't think this secret trip to Napa you're trying to take Mom on would have gone over as well as you think.
Flynn: What? I can't whisk your mom away for a romantic surprise?
Rusty: Whisk? Can I ask, since maybe I missed this, but since when does Mom like getting whisked, or getting surprised?

Eduardo: The Instagram... the Facebook...
Provenza: Don't forget The Twitter!
Eduardo: The Twitter. I don't get it. And I hate the Snapchat.