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A terrorist apparently beheads an Army guy on video. The FBI wants the MCU to investigate.

The MCU does and finds the body but the FBI immediately wants to take its case back.  The ME thwarts them. However an FBI guy tells Sharon privately that they don't think this is an ISIS-related attack.. The MCU needs to keep this quiet so the media won't tip off the terrorists. They interview some of the victim, Nick's, Army buddies who wonder what happened to him. Nick couldn't adjust to civilian life and always drank too much. But this time he never came back. 

Meanwhile, Rusty talks to Dr. Joe about his mother's decision to have a new baby but doesn't want to talk about how he feels about the father being the same guy who abused him. They are out of time which Rusty thinks is unfair because Dr. Joe "made" him mad. Dr. Joe also gives the MCU a profile of the suspect, who is an injustice collector -- someone who fights perceived injustice but not an actual member of ISIS or any other terrorist organization.

The Army guys admit they all went to a strip club called Giselle's and the club is owned by a Muslim immigrant and his son. The owner is super cooperative and insists he is just an American with a regular job. The son insists they are being profiled because they are Muslim and that he's sick of it. He wants to see search warrants. Sykes asks for a signed consent form. The owner agrees and tells his son to stop.

The security video shows the victim waving to someone. He called Uber but was gone when Uber got there. The FBI comes and has court orders. But apparently they are investigating the case of Buzz's father as well or maybe instead? This is a bit confusing. 

Tao and Provenza interview Kimberly White, one of the women who works at the club. She has a lot of cash, and Nick paid only in $100. She didn't go home with him. He gave her his phone number. He didn't say how he made the money. Kim has a girlfriend in Austin, no boyfriends.

All the bills were signed by the same Secretary of the Treasury and serial numbers in sequence. The money was all supposedly destroyed in Iraq. It was supposed to be distributed to Sunnis in Iraq. The American soliders were ordered to destroy the cash.

They interview Nick's friends again. Nick paid them with some of these $100 bills for wedding expenses. The FBI burst in to complain that they'd better not be interviewing their suspect.

Nick's friend has been lying about his job and income. It seems the three guys stole the money they were supposed to destroy. Sanchez thinks that Vince pretended to be a terrorist so he could murder Nick and steal his money. Vince denies it and feels insulted.

The MCU interviews Nick's other friend next. When faced with life in prison as an accessory to murder, he confesses to stealing the money. The FBI arrests Vince for an act of terrorism. Even though he only pretended to be a terrorist, he might have incited others to commit acts of terrorism against veterans.

At home, Gus and Sharon try to convince Rusty to support his mother's decision to have a baby while he argues the baby needs to be put up for adoption. Gus is saved from Rusty trying to convince him to go to college by a text from Buzz. Buzz has the security footage from his father and uncle's murder. He doesn't think Rusty wants to see it but here it is anyway. Rusty watches, shocked.

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