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Some guy was engaged to be married but his fiancee was murdered by a robber. The guy became a vigilante named Gold Storm who killed robbers. Apparently this is some show that was supposed to be on the fall and the actor died of an apparent overdose. Flynn says that Chris had a sober living assistant named Jared that he knows. Jared thinks the killer snuck into the house.

Jared is super emotional and convinced Chris has been murdered. Chris was clean that morning. Chris drank a protein drink and  went to steam while Jared was on the phone with his mom. When Jared got off the phone, Chris was dead. Jared says he used to be a doctor until he was caught being high in the ER. Anyway he would have known if Chris was high. But if Chris died of an overdose, no one will hire Jared as a sober living assistant again.

Tao calls his agent to get some inside scoop.

Rusty thinks Chris' show was ridiculous Sharon tells him that Chris might have been murdered. Rusty doubts it was an OD because his mom has managed to stay sober. Rusty has to take his mom to the doctor's office for a sonogram in the morning. Sharon is more excited about this sonogram than he is. Rusty goes away and Andy and Sharon discuss the case. 

Tao says three lawsuits were filed against Chris in the past few months. Chrs recently fired hs mother as a manager and she is also suing him, as is his ex-wife who he rejected once he got clean. 

ME has the wrong report and starts talking about self-inflicted gunshot wounds (???) He gets the right report and says the victim had a seizure. Haven't tested his stomach yet. He apparently shot heroin into his stomach. Flynn is still skeptical. Provenza says Jared knew and is trying to deflect blame. But he will check out the house to prove he's right.

Sharon B. has a sonogram. Rusty seems affected when he sees the baby. It already has hair. Apparently it is a girl.

Rusty asks how it'll work with Gary's parents? How often will she see the baby? Sharon B. says she will never see the baby. They all agreed that she should give the baby a clean break. Rusty is predictablly upset.

Also predictably, the drugs were mixed into the protein drink. Provenza thinks Jared did it. Flynn still thinks any addict would have known this was a fatal drug. Anyway Chris was injecting himself with growth hormones, not heroin. This makes Provenza more suspicious. But Flynn thinks Jared has no motive. Sharon wants Flynn to call ared to join them as a background advisor.

A guy named Sean says he helped Chris get into rehab, get a down payment on his house, etc. He talked Chris into leaving Tina. Jared says Tina thought if Chris sobered up he'd leave her.

Chris' mom also had a problem with Chris taking the part. She's on her way up.

Sean points a finger at Jared.

Andy goes to talk to Sean. He wans to know what the consulting producer gets. He's surprised to hear only about $12,000 a year. Marcia shows up and Sean calls her a spider.

Marcia tells the detectives Chris needed discipline. Jared says she controlled what Chris ate. She has no idea about protein smoothies. She thinks he wouldn't have had to worry about his weight if he listened to her. She blames Tina, who she thought was no good. She says Tina now owns Chris' house and is there. She is having a pool party.

The detectives show up and arrest Tina, who has oxy on her. Everyone at the party is arrested.

Gus won some steaks at his his restaurant and is making it for Rusty and Sharon. Rusty asks about the partial for Buzz's father. Buzz has not asked. Sharon wants to hear about the appointment.

Rusty is now upset because Sharon B. won't move in with Gary's parents. He wishes he didn't see the sonogram. Now he's worried that Sharon B. could take off with the baby.

The detectives interview Tina. She's rolling her eyes and not saying anything. She is offended by the suggestion the others at the party are stars.

Provenza and Sykes threaten to out Tina as the prime suspect if she doesn't say where she gets her drugs. She gives a name. Dr. Deb. They want Sykes to go undercover with Dr. Deb.

Sykes comes to Dr. Deb dressed like a movie sexpot. Dr. Deb pushes Sykes to say she is in pain so she can prescribe her pills. She prescribes oxycotin and valium, then charges her $3500. Julio shows up and arrests Dr. Deb.

Dr. Deb's lawyer curses them out and says she should be released. Sharon wants to make a deal if Dr Deb gives them the name of her other clients. Dr. Deb says she didn't give pills to Chris, just to Jared.

Rusty asks Flynn about the case and asks how Flynn knew he wasn't an alcoholic anymore. Flynn explains he's always an alcoholic but the question is how can he stay sober every day? 

Jared is interrogated and admits he is the one who took the drugs. He didn't drug the smoothie. He is super upset and says Chris was a smug bastard who he wouldn't share with. Jared says he gets paid per episode and lost a lot of money by Chris' death. He is upset by the hot Australian who has replaced Chris. Sharon wonders whether this other actor killed Chris. The guy moved here 3 weeks ago. Sharon goes to talk to Sean, who is the guy's agent. Apparently Sean has been giving his clients those smoothies. They ask whether Sean had keys and switched the smoothie with a drug-laced one. Sharon says that maybe he just wanted to prove Chris was using so he could get rid of him and put in his guy. If that's what he did it's not murder. Sean confesses. Then Flynn points out there were 130 pills in the powder. This was murder. 

Sean says that Chris should not have dumped him after all he did for him.

Flynn gives Jared some truth about what he's doing. Jared walks into the elevator and away from him, but not before Flynn tells him he can always call him.

Sharon talks to Buzz about the partials. Buzz says he has a reason. The video was very narrow and someone might have been off camera. He is willing to talk to everyone who is on camera.

Rusty and Gus have a present for the baby and have packed her luggage so Rusty can take her to Jim and Linda's. Gus tells him to be careful driving. Rusty stops the car and goes back to Gus and tells him he loves him. Gus says he loves him too. They kiss while Sharon B smiles.




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Jared is probably wrong, but I promised my daughter I'd give him a serious listen.