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The victim of the hour is lying dead next to a blood-filled car. Apparently he's one of 12 tourists who has been attacked recently. The victim's wife was found unconscious next to him. These tourists were from England.

Provenza's rant about Tao being late is interrupted by Tao arriving in a limo. He was getting an aware for Badge of Justice.

Someone tells Provenza the victim was shot twice. The valet says it was a guy in a ski mask. He is afraid to talk. He didn't see the gun til it was fired. The valet had just given them their car when a guy in a ski mask showed pu, tried to steal the wife's purse, and shot the husband.

Mrs. Branson's wallet is found. No cash. Her purse is in the canals.

Chief Taylor is worried about the victim being British as it is now an international incident.

The victim is a recent cancer survivor. Chief Taylor says he will have to let the British press in on what they're doing.

The wife is a lawyer and her husband was an art dealer. She cries about her husband's death.  They had come to America to celebrate the end of his cancer treatments. Last thing she remembers is the valet bringing their car.

Provenza is impatient with the diving team. They find a gun but it is not a revolver. They've found a lot of guns. Tao has found the ski mask in the meantime. The dive team finally finds a revolver.

The ballistics expert goes on about rust and salt water getting in the way of prints. But ballistics is a match.

Rusty doesn't want to talk to his mother. Sharon tells him that if anything happens to his mother he is the next of kin.

A British reporter thinks the LAPD is out of their depth. He wants to know if there is a manhunt in progress. Sharon eventually tells him that the owner has been found. It is an old woman named Ms. Harris who apparently lost her gun.

Ms. Harris is upset when she finds out the gun was used in a murder. Her grandson has been asking for cash. She's sure he didn't do this. She tells them Jesse usually hangs out at Venice Beach. Cooper and Skyes stake out the beach

Jesse denies ever having seen the gun before. He denies killing the tourist. Jesse claims he sold the gun to some English guy who wanted it for protection.

Tao has a screen grab of the buy. He is using facial recognition at nearby airports. Flynn interrupts. The reporter is back..

Rusty is there waiting for Buzz. He has no place else to be. His mom tries to call again. He feels nobody has time for him anymore. Provenza thinks maybe Rusty is the one not making time for others.

The reporter seems to know an awful lot. He says Branson was going to dissolve his long-term partnership.

Sharon and Provenza talk over video with Finch, Branson's partner, who is upset. He tried to buy Branson out while he was sick. Claire asked him to wait. Sharon leaves and Provenza and Flynn continue the interview.

.Rusty talked with the journalist who says that Rusty needs a better social media presence. He doesn't think Rusty's content is interesting enough. He thinks Rusty should fill in the blanks with his own theories. Rusty's mom calls again. he answers this time.

Sharon wants Peter's help. His sources might be able to help with the case. Maybe he could connect their victim to their suspect. He'll get some exclusives in return.

Kemp is obnoxious and sleazy and claims he bought the gun because he was mugged with a guy with a knife. He sold the gun to some other random dude. Julio says that they have DNA on the ski mask.

Kemp looks familiar to Claire. Sykes says that Kemp was a client of hers. Provenza says Kemp says Claire hired him to kill her husband. Hobbs is skeptical of this.

Claire says Kemp blamed her when he went to prison. She couldn't go to the police when he stalked her because she made some evidence disappear. 

Rusty's mom comes over to tell him that Gary's parents are nice people and she is going to give the baby away to them. Rusty offers to pay for her taxi or drive her to her computer class, but she refuses. She just wanted to thank him for helping her make the right decision. She tells him she loves him and hurries away.

Kemp says nasty things about Claire Branson. Hobbs says he can face the death penalty or he can confess and be extradited to England. He says Claire hired him to kill Robert because he was leaving her. 

Tao looks at his award while Peter goes over his exclusive. Peter offers Buzz good luck on his cold case. 

The gang has a surprise party for Tao's award with cake and apple cider.

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