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Dwight tries to interview Dr. Joe on the stand and gets shot down. The judge urges him to rely on the advice of his court-appointed attorney.. Dr. Joe says he profiled him based on murderers. Dwight tries to argue he didn't commit murder because the victims were not white and thus not human.  Dwight wants Dr. Joe to say what he's going to do in the next 10 seconds. He has a gun and begins shooting. Dr. Joe is hit and so is Chief Taylor. Dwight is shot by Sharon.

Provenza refuses to tell the press anything.

It's 50-50 that Dr Joe will live. Chief Taylor and DDA Rosen have been killed. The wire was clipped. Sharon must be investigated since she fired her weapon before she can participate in the investigation.

Provenza says it's understandable if anyone needs a break. No one does. They need to figure out how to load and enable the gun and why did he shoot Dr. Joe first? Sharon wonders if they should let the public think Dr. Joe is dead in order to smoke out the killers.

The ME says Howard should warn Dr Joe's next of kin before faking his death to the media.  It is Sykes' job to protect Dr. Joe. Sanchez must do parole and probation searches for skinheads. Provenza thinks Mark can ID members. Julio won't let Mark near these people.

Deputy Chief Howard gives a short statement and refuses to confirm or deny Dr. Joe's death. Rusty watches from the hall and looks very upset.

Julio has discovered that the Z-Brotherhood owns a lot of property in the same area. They get paid off by city governments to move when they create too many problems.

Provenza wants search warrants. Julio says there's no evidence for a bunch of warrants.

Flynn reports that Dwight's cell mates are not Nazis. 

They watch the video of the shooting. Rusty wants to know if Dr. Joe suffered. Provenza wants him to wait in Sharon's office. He says everyone is dealing with tragedy and Rusty must be strong for Sharon.

The judge's clerk is brought in and is worried that she is a suspect as she was read her rights. Sharon returns and says she must meet with behavioral sciences before she is fully cleared. She watches the interview. The clerk says all the clerks have access to the evidence safe.

The clerk claims that her signature has been forged on the evidence bag. She begins to cry.. Apparently ex-employees also have the combination to the safe. The combination hasn't been changed since 2004.

Sharon wants writing samples from all the current clerks. Henry Colson is downstairs waiting to be interviewed by Julio.

Provenza doesn't think the clerk is part of the conspiracy. He doesn't think Dr. Joe was the target. Amy calls and Dr. Joe is in recovery.

Rusty isn't happy with not being able to see Dr. Joe because of the subterfuge. He's worried he will die before he can see him again. Rusty asks how anyone can know about what Dwight said to Dr. Joe if it's privileged. 

Hobbs watches Colson being uncooperative and wonders what these monsters think they're doing. Colson doesn't think any of the murders matter because the victims were minorities. He is surprised that Sims, who was white and straight, was shot as well. The cops wonder if Sims was a co-conspirator.

Colson asks for protection before he says anything. Hobbs says no. She wants them to get a warrant and search through Sims' life.

Amy interviews Dr. Joe who wants to look in the mirror. The nurse seems unhappy. Dr. Joe seems a bit out of it. Dwight had told Dr. Joe that his Nazi friends had a new leader. Dr. Joe recorded all their sessions. He's got it in a box in his filing cabinet.

In a flashback, Dwight was insisting that he didn't get into college because of affirmative action and that he failed his classes because public schools adjust the curriculums to make sure whites fail and minorities get in. The author of this theory, Jordan Graft is like a father to Dwight.  Dwight didn't know his real father..

Sharon wonders what deputy was present during the session. Apparently Sims was having an affair with an Asian clerk. The other clerk left work before the shooting. The next morning she is still missing, along with her car, luggage and cat.

Sims had $150,000 in cash in his home. He has an offshore account in Panama with over 4 million dollars. He also had a burner phone that he used to contact Mark's mother when she was in witness protection. 

Provenza thinks it's ridiculous that Sims planned his own murder. Rusty overhears Flynn say that Sharon is at Behavioral Sciences. 

Jennifer Edwards shows up looking for Buzz. She's angry. She hasn't had anything to do with Gene Hecht. Rusty spies on their conversation. She knows about the murder of Buzz's dad and uncle. She says the murders were all over the news and the next morning Gene was wearing a Swiss Army watch like one of the dead men had. He beat her up when she tried to ask where he got it. He was not with her the night of the murders. She thinks he killed those guys. She has no idea who Gene's accomplice might be. Rusty watches this whole thing. Buzz says she must write a statement to clear herself. Buzz nods at Rusty who walks away.

A real estate developer is afraid to help because the Brotherhood has shot at his workers. He can't risk his families' lives and doesn't trust the cops since they can't protect themselves.

Sharon gets a note that Dwight Darnell's mother is in her office and wants to speak with her.

Ms. Darnell didn't get to the hospital before Dwight's body was removed. She is surprised about the autopsy -- didn't Sharon kill Dwight? Sharon and Ms. Darnell stare each other down. Julio says they must find out if Dwight was high. She asks if Dwight will be made presentable before the funeral.  She says that Dwight's father was a Marine who dropped her, died in Iraq, and had no interest in Dwight. She hates Jordan Graff because he got in between her and her son with this white supremacy nonsense.

Provenza has got cooperation and they can search all the Nazi buildings.

Some Nazi dude tries to claim the cops are messing with their rights. They don't recognize the Supreme Court. He accuses them of violating his rights, illegal arrest, etc. It turns out to be Jordan Graff.

Meanwhile the LAPD raids the apartments. They find the missing Hi-Sun, dead.





Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

I've never been sure about God. But today... today I believe in the devil.


Provenza: Julio, look, the guy who killed Mark's mother is dead.
Sanchez: It hasn't stopped the violence, sir.