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The team finds Perez and Hunt's bodies. Camilla finds out that a witness saw a bearded man with a motorcycle helmet come in as she left Perez's office. Security footage shows a guy who could be Stroh but it's not clear enough. They find that Stroh has written in the wall on blood, "Rusty is Next."

The team plans to send a false tip file to Dylan so that they can get his location. Mason is skeptical but Provenza points out he doesn't have a better idea.

Dylan is annoyed by news coverage saying that he is a sex offender who joined forces with Stroh, but after transferring the bitcoins to himself he feels better. He calls Ella all happy and ignorant of the fact that his camera into her room seems to have been disconnected.Stroh turns it back on and reveals he has kidnapped Ella, Dylan's girlfriend. He has a noose around her neck and is threatening her life and orders Dylan to give him the bitcoins. Dylan's transfer is interrupted by a connection reset but he begs for more time. Ella begs "Carl" to save her. Dylan completes the transfer but Stroh says he is going to kill Ella anyway. (What did he expect?)

Mason says since the MCU is under Stroh's surveillance, don't take everybody. Provenza leaves Flynn and Buzz behind. The rest of the team goes after Dylan, who is holding his gun and seems to be contemplating suicide. There is a shootout and Dylan is killed. Stroh taunts the MCU from the video feed and disappears.

MCU saves Ella and realizes she was never really in danger. They lie and tell her her boyfriend is still alive so she will give them info.

Meanwhile, Rusty keeps trying to get in touch with Tammy Bechtel to try to figure out info about Stroh's whereabouts. Nolan breaks into the condo to prove the security detail is useless. Provenza vows to protect Rusty and Gus himself.

There is a countdown timer in Dylan's room but Tao realizes it is a kill switch that will send info to MCU about Stroh's whereabouts. Provenza fears it is a bomb but Tao won't leave. Tao turns out to be right.

Dylan has left them a ton of info and they find out Stroh chartered a plane and is leaving in two hours. Rusty wants to find Tammy. Mason won't listen to him. 

Flynn declares he's going on the  mission to find Stroh and refuses to listen to Provenza. He storms off. Rusty also says he's going after Tammy with or without Provenza.

The team goes in and finds Tammy dead but Provenza says they are not going to announce it until after they kill Stroh. He realizes from a photo that Stroh is on a nearby boat. Rusty looks through the window after he leaves and realizes the whole thing. He tells Gus not to follow him.

Provenza has a standoff with Stroh and tells him he can't kill him in cold blood. He tells him to cuff himself. Suddenly, Rusty shoots five times from around the corner, killing Stroh.

Rusty is very shaken but Provenza tells him that he is going to cover for him and sends Rusty away. Howard later talks to Rusty and says Provenza's killing of Stroh was justified. Rusty asks Gus to stay with him tonight.

At the MCU, Sanchez announces he is taking a promotion and that he loves all of them like family and will miss them. He hugs them all and tells Rusty to eep seeing his therapist. Rusty announces after he passes his bar exam he will be working in the DA's office. Provenza says he loves all the team and that Major Crimes will never quit. He sends Buzz to become a detective before rejoining the unit. The series then ends.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Rusty: I don’t care what the sign said in the doctor’s office. He’s not coming after me.
Howard: You really think if Stroh had the opportunity to kill you, he wouldn’t take it?
Rusty: I’m not his objective.

We need to double time it.We’re very close! [pause] And way way way too far behind.