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We see videotape of three teenage boys having fun with each other on a field trip and some security footage.

Chief Mason tells Major Crimes that the boys have been missing since the end of the field trip. Provenza doesn't think this is a major crime and suspects the boys just ditched school for the day. Mason suggests that there would be more attention paid to the case if the boys were white rather than Hispanic, which Provenza denies.

The team races against the clock as one of the boys, Lucas Garza, is diabetic and needs insulin shots daily.

Through talking to the parents, Major Crimes learns that one family, the Diazes, were having problems with a neighbor named Marvin Garrett who kept threatening to call ICE on them. Garrett's daughter Kelly appeared to have been involved with all three of the boys. In addition, one of the boys, Ryan, had an abusive stepfather who killed himself two months ago, and the boys were all close to Father Jonas at St. Joe's. Provenza is quick to suspect the priest, but Sharon disagrees  because her kids went there and there have never been any complaints against any of the priests there.

The parents agree to a search of their homes, which reveals that Mr. Garza had a ton of oxycotin that he was using for himself and that he and his wife fought often. The Diazes speak in Spanish, not realizing Buzz speaks it too, while he has words with Mr. Garrett, and he learns they are hiding something under the floorboards which turns out to be a million dollars in cash. Ryan's mother is not forthcoming about what might have happened to Hector but acknowledges he was a drug user who abused Ryan.

A search of the boys' lockers shows that Ryan had a bracelet belonging to a Mexican drug cartel. His mother denies knowing that Hector was involved with the cartel.

Rusty tries to get Sharon to go to a doctor's appointment for a flu she is getting over but she refuses because Lucas is in worse shape due to his diabetes and she wants to find him.

Mason introduces the team to Camilla Page, a new missing person detective with a brusque manner who turns out to know Provenza. They go to try to talk to Garrett. He won't let them talk to his daughter and kicks them off his property after gloating that the three missing boys is a good start.

An exasperated Provenza names Garrett as a suspect to the press and causes an uproar when he doesn't deny that the Catholic church is also a suspect. Mason is displeased with his impromptu press conference, not that Provenza cares.

Ryan's biological father is found and rants about how his wife always wants more and more money and admits to being behind on child support. He tried to give Ryan $300 at school to stop posting on his Facebook profile because his new wife doesn't know he has a son from a previous marriage. He does not know his son is missing.

Hobbs tells Sharon that Rusty needs bodyguards because Stroh's stepmother has been killed. Rusty tells Sharon he does not need bodyguards but wants to learn to protect himself. Before he can explain what he means, Flynn tells Sharon he has to take her into the field.

Lucas' body has been found by the church. No sign of the other two boys.

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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Provenza: Three boys working hand and hand with the church. Where have I heard that before?
Raydor: My daughter and both my sons went to St. Joe's, Lieutenant. No priest in my parish has ever been accused of wrongdoing.

9 hours isn't missing for 15-year-olds. Maybe they went to the beach.