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After Sharon faints, Flynn tries to talk to her and ask if she is okay. Someone calls 911. Flynn tells the paramedics that Sharon recently had the flu and leaves to go to the hospital with her. The FBI agents ask if Sharon is okay and Provenza kicks them out as his first act as the temporary leader of MCU.

Provenza rants to Chief Mason about how the FBI had no right to take the boys into custody without telling anyone. Chief Mason tells him the boys have been returned and will be transferred to MCU. Tao goes to assist with the transfer.

In the hospital, Rusty tells Provenza that Sharon has had a bunch of tests. Provenza thinks they are just milking her insurance for all it's worth. In her hospital room, Sharon wants to know all about the case and refuses to stop working on the investigation until the doctor comes in. The doctor sends everyone else out of the room and tells Sharon her condition is more serious than the flu but has been caught early.

The boys are questioned and say that Lucas was the only one who knew where they were going. They claim that they followed Lucas into a limousine but were sprayed with some sort of sedative and woke up in the desert. They were in Mexico and the Mexican cops found drugs on them which they claim were planted. The boys' stories are consistent and Sanchez's claim that Ryan blames Miguel for the drugs goes nowhere. The boys' parents show up and demand lawyers. The boys are arrested for murder and their parents are allowed to visit. Ryan is upset and says he is going to be deported, but before he can explain to his mom what he is upset about his dad shows up and they start arguing. Ryan says he wants to talk to Father Jonas.

At home, Sharon is filled in on the case. Andy and Rusty make her stop working. She tells Andy she is just going to send Provenza an email about an idea she had. Andy wants to know what the doctor said.

Sharon tells Andy the truth about her medical issue. She has a heart condition -- a virus that is attacking the outer lining of her heart and which could get worse, requiring a transplant. She doesn't expect this to happen but wants to put off the wedding until her heart condition is resolved. Andy says no.

Dr. Joe comes to the squad room, where Provenza tells him he wants him to catch Ryan in a lie. Dr. Joe says that is not his job and demands privacy -- no listening in. Provenza and the others decide to watch without sound.

Dr. Joe talks to Ryan, who cries and says that he can't believe Lucas is dead. He thought that Lucas knew what he was doing so he followed him.

Sharon comes in just in time for a break in the session. Everyone spies on Ryan talking to his mom and Dr. Joe feels used, but Sharon assures him she really wants him to help the boys. Ryan wants to talk to Father Jonas. His mom says Father Jonas will be back in town soon.

Later, Sharon tells Rusty about her heart condition and reassures him that she will likely not die from it. Rusty asks what he can do to help. Sharon says it will help her stress level if he will accept the protection of the undercover detail. Rusty reluctantly agrees but says that he still wants his concealed carry permit. Sharon warns him that his gun is a last resort and he must let the security detail help first if something happens. Andy returns and she mentions that Gus is coming to the wedding. Rusty doesn't think so, as he and Gus are no longer talking. Andy says Gus ordered salmon. Rusty hopes Gus will not really make an appearance.

The ME says there was oxycontin in Lucas' blood. His mother is upset an accuses his father of using. His father says he knows how many pills he has left and demands a lawyer when the cops want to see.

Father Jonas is caught and doesn't like being treated rudely by Provenza. They are about to start questioning him when Chief Mason says there is another crime scene.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Flynn: Three sirens are better than one. I'm going with her.
Provenza: Okay, keep us posted.
[Flynn leaves with paramedics]
Vega: Is she -
Provenza: She is none of your damn business, unless you are going to answer her question. Where are those three boys?
Other FBI Agent: We're not authorized -
Provenza: Then get the hell out of my murder room. You need a hand? [grabs box of files, throws it at them.]
Vega: This is not how you -
Other FBI Agent: Are you serious?
Sanchez: If the lieutenant wants you lying bastards out of here, that's exactly what's going to happen.

Sharon, can you hear me? You fainted. Sharon, are you okay?