Im Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 3, the detectives' investigation of a supermodel's murderleads them down uexpected paths. Watch online to discover who did it and why.

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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 3 features a murder caught live on the victim's webcam. Supermodel Christa Cook is beaten to death in her computer room, but there are few leads, especially when looking at her webcam causes the cops' entire computer network to become infected with malware. All signs point to one of two suspects, but they can't prove anything...or can they? The case becomes more complicated when one of their suspects turns out to be a witness--but he has been up to some criminal activity of his own.

While the police are trying to resolve questions surrounding Christa's murder, Rusty finds himself in hot water over the interview he did with murder suspect Slider, who insisted on telling his side of the story when Rusty visited him in jail. Rusty learns the hard way what the limits of First Amendment protections are when it comes to reporting on police matters while his mother is busy trying to deal with the only witness, a photographer who illegally spied on women using spyware installed on their webcams.

Who killed Christa? What will Rusty have to do with the evidence he gathered? Watch Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 3 online to find out what happens.

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On Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 3, the team investigates the murder of a supermodel while Raydor and Rusty are served subpoenas concerning Alice's murder.

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Major Crimes
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Not just the Twitter and the Facebook and the Instagram, but the... dating ones too.


Oh, and you may want to scoop up some tips from your media peers behind the yellow tape.