On Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 10, when Stroh kills Rios, the Major Crimes Unit prepares for a final battle with him while also grieving Sharon's death.

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The Major Crimes Unit struggles to deal with Sharon's death on Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 10, but soon has a bigger problem on their hands.

After Sharon's funeral, Rios approaches Provenza and says she has proof that Stroh is in LA. However, she is murdered before she can divulge her secret. She was going for a late night swim and Stroh hid in her pool, and her security detail failed to watch the area. Provenza is convinced it is a murder and faces off against Chief Mason.

Sharon left final video messages for all her friends, and Rusty is upset by her message advising him on how to take down Stroh. Ricky helps the team get a lead, but they are all unaware that Stroh and his accomplice, a young man named Dylan, are spying on them. Meanwhile, Flynn has a hard time letting Rusty be part of this investigation because he is still grieving Sharon's death and doesn't want to lose him too.

Stroh and Dylan continually plot to confuse the Major Crimes Unit, while Mason and Provenza fail to see eye to eye on the case.

To find out what happens, watch Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 10.

Episode Details

On Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 10, a surprise death in the law enforcement community seems to be the work of escaped serial killer, Phillip Stroh.

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Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Those of us gathered today view her passing as a personal tragedy for which we will mourn for the rest of our lives. But for the community she served, her death is nothing less than a calamity. In times like this it is often said that it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. So I light a candle. But I also curse the darkness.


My beautiful family. Let me first say how much I loved you and how much I felt in return.