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Dana and Peter continue to date casually and knock off another item on Dana's bucket list. The two decide that they will continue to date but they will see other people as well. 

When Dana finds out Amy is having a dinner party, she also learns that Peter will be attending the party with a date. Amy invites Dana to the party but insists that she find a date. 

At the publishing company, Dana meets Tucker, a suave British man who she has a lot in common with. The two spark a friendship and after Peter offers to ditch his date and go with Dana, she turns the table and decides to invite Tucker as her date. 

Unbeknownst to Dana, Tucker is gay, a fact that Amy recognizes immediately when he shows up at the party. Dana is devastated and doesn't want Peter to find out.

Tucker believes Dana invited him to hook him up with Peter, although he doesn't believe Peter is his type. After Peter learns that Tucker is gay, he plans to rub it in Dana's face but decides against it. Instead, he invites her out for another date, which she agrees to. 

At the office, David orders a bulk order of trophies that are sexual in nature. David fears the wrath of his father, but Chloe comes through and is able to sell all the trophies to the Adult Video Awards. 


Manhattan Love Story
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Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dana and I had just reached the perfect relationship spot. You know, where we know we're seeing other people but we never talk about it. It's all the fun without the guilt.


Are you pausing so that I invite you to the party?