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After their successful Statue of Liberty date, Peter asks Dana out on another date which she happily accepts. 

While out shopping for underwear, Dana runs into Peter on a date with another woman. The meeting is awkward, with Peter repeatedly referring to Dana as his friend.

Amy convinces Dana to sign up for an online dating app and she sets up a date. While out with Peter, Dana lets him know that she is also seeing other people and Peter doesn't take the news well. Ultimately, the two decide not to go through with their date. 

Dana's online date makes a move on her immediately and she is completely turned off. When she gets home, Peter is waiting for her and the two have a talk. Peter surprises Dana with a sweet kiss and then admits that he is not totally ready to be in a serious relationship. The two decide to continue seeing one another and take things slow. 

Meanwhile, Peter and David bicker over who got the bigger bonus at work from their father. It is revealed that while Peter makes more money, their father doesn't have an actual reason for giving him more and he uses their competitiveness as a way to get them to work harder each year. 

Manhattan Love Story
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Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

And after this Sunday we're going to get through a date without one of us crying.


You'd be much more handsome if you shaved.

Older Lady