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In the series premiere of Manhattan, a new couple arrives and discovers the secrecy and the living conditions required of those working on the world's biggest secret.

July 2 1943 61 countries at war, over 40 million casualties. 766 days before Hiroshima. A man in is the desert playing golf during a terrible storm, looking at his notes and listening to the news. It's Frank Winter.

Looking at the golf ball in his hand, Frank has an epiphany.

A couple is in the desert, lost, trying to navigate a road map. Charlie and Abby Isaacs are on their way to nowhere.

The line in front of nowhere is long and the security is tight. Abby is not impressed. P.O. Box 1663

Liza Winter is shopping. She doesn't understand why they can't grow their own vegetables.

Liza and Frank meet up and it's obvious they are in love, but the secrets have to be killing them.

Frank thinks there is something wrong with another scientist's bomb. The math is too clean. Boys are dying every day, should he really slow down?

Charlie Isaacs submitted his thesis to Frank Winter -- he rejected it. A man compares the group Charlie's joining to the NY Yankees and Frank's to the farm league.

Steno girls don't now anything, the dude says.

A room full of computers is ladies on typewriters.

Charlie still doesn't know what job he's committing to. It's Shangri-La, he's told.

The comparison between bombs all comes down to time. The group has to crunch. They think they're competing with Hitler to make the bomb before he does.

Abby meets the neighbor ladies. She sees kids that look like convicts walking by -- head lice. Bombs go off. She's gonna love it here!

Soldiers show up at Frank's group. They think someone is stealing secrets. Frank tells them off.

Liza discovers the water's out and discovers a black flower when they should all be white. She's intrigued.

Aikley gives Charlie the scoop. He's a bit shaken and taken aback.

Frank and Liza's daughter Callie wants to go to school in New York. Frank sees it a bomb fodder, but the Army would never let her go.

The team pays the "computers" in panty hose.

Liza talks with Frank about the cyrsanthamum and that they're not allowed to grow produce on the Hill. She muses about the soil.

Frank promises Liza that when this is all over, they'll go find a desert island and play Adam and Eve, whatever she wants.

Charlie comes home drunk, knocking on the wrong door.

Abby is surprised at the brand of scotch Charlie's drinking and cannot believe there isn't even a telephone in the house. She wrote a letter to her father that Charlie will think about his job offer. They decide to have sex, even with the thin walls.

Frank is having problems hearing and very bad nightmares, where he imagines his family waving as they walk out into the bomb.

He's offered pills for his sleep disorder, checked for radiation and it's suggested he visit a church for help.

Liza's Mexican house maid cannot understand her, but she's a help. The take the party inside due to the wind.

Abby is helping her son outside, and as his papers blow away she spots a nude women in the home across from her.

A scientist is arrested for files that wound up in his dorm room. Word is he's just getting started. Sid looks frightened, and later appeals to Frank. He took papers. He thought he could sell the patents. Frank tells Sid he'll burn them.

Charlie's barely been there and the pressure already makes him run from the office to vomit.

The computers give Jim some numbers. He runs like hell.

Colonel Cox addresses Frank about Sid. We live in a world of consequences. Cox wants Frank to sacrifice Sid to save the many, in return for computers, of all things. He's disgusted. And then Jim shows up -- they can cut 12 weeks off of Akley's time line.

Frank finds Oppenheimer. He's leaving town. He's not even allowed to fly because he's too important and flying isn't safe.

Oppenheimer says the Army believes in the Thin Man. Frank's group will be dissolved, no matter how many lives it saves.

Oppenheimer drops Frank in the desert. By the time he walks back, his equipment is gone. He never stood a chance. Glen has gotten his "dishonorable discharge" -- they're shipping him off site.

Abby is angry. Joey has head lice and they're reading their mail. The letter she sent to her father was returned. Charlie says he made a commitment. It is done. They're here until the end of the war.

Charlie decides to tell Abby a secret.

The party is hopping! Everyone on Frank's team is talking about where they're being shipped now that they're done.

Frank comes home. Sid is panicking. Frank tells Liza to get rid of everybody and cancel the party.

Liza tells Frank a story about orchids and how they need support to survive. Liza reveals she's not talking about herself, but about him.

Abby tells Charlie's secret -- they're building the gadget. It's a very complicated radar system that can smell one of Hitler's war planes from another part of the world.

Charlie and Frank talk. Charlie's Akley's new toy, he'll be fine. Charlie is concerned about the next war and when everyone has one. He tells Frank the story of the Golem. First he kills the enemies of the Jews, then he turns on the Jews themselves. They built a monster they couldn't control. Frank asks if Charlie has been to Prague lately, because there aren't any Jew left.

Frank tells someone about the bomb. Whoever builds it first, that's the end game. Whatever it costs. He's talking to the house maid, who doesn't speak or understand English.

Sid gets back to his dorm room, but not for long. A bag is thrown over his head. He screams. The price was Sid Liao.

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Manhattan Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Someone invented pie crust in a box? How is that not on the cover of the New York Times?


Charlie: Do you think anyone knew of Galileo in 1590?
Abby: I bet Galileo knew how to read a road map.