It's a Kaczynski Brother - Manhunt: UNABOMBER
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Ted's brother, David, thinks his wife, Linda, is barking up the wrong tree when it comes to Ted. She's never met him. She's only received a letter from him and from that she has made a connection to the Unabomber's manifesto.

David can't just let it go, though. He takes it to someone he knows who promises to help keep it from going through the full FBI route. His priority is Ted's safety. 

The expert says the typewriters don't match, so it's a done deal. Ted is not the Unabomber.

While Fitz is being bored at his job and unable to resist pouring over the Unabomber data, Tabby finds the information saying the letter is not a match.

Ernie didn't even try to look at the linguistics, he merely looked at the typewriter. For shame, Ernie. For shame!

Fitz and his family is at the theater seeing 12 Monkeys when Tabby calls. Ted's letter to Linda was 23 pages. Twenty three pages!!

Of course, the fax machine had no paper, so it's a good think Fitz went into the office.

Fitz's pain in the ass wife followed him. Apparently, he's been in the office four hours. Whoops. Time slips away. I know that feeling.

Ackerman and Cole remain and stubborn as ever. They refuse to listen to Tabby, calling comparing the two letters a hornet's nest.

Tabby refuses to give up. She's on Jim's side. 

Jim, who is living out of a hotel room. Jim, who just wrote an address on the back of a drawing from his kids and tore it in half. 

Jim and his wife are so far apart on what is right and necessary when it comes to their life and his job. They don't talk. She says it's not the case, it's him.

Jim goes to David's house. Oh my. Jim discovers that and the two obviously need to talk even more than Jim needs to talk with his wife.

David gets into his car and starts driving away. He stops the car and Fitz gets in. David is freaked out. Why are Jim's bosses saying the profile is of an uneducated airplane mechanic on Charlie Rose? They stand behind it. They're ruling out people like Ted. They have so messed up the case. Jerks!!

Now Jim has to try to undo all of their damage to the very person who can make a difference in the case and help bring in the Unabomber.

Fitz starts telling David his profile, the one he believes to be true and David listens. David thinks Jim has been talking to Linda because his understanding of Ted is so similar to what she's been saying.

The Unabomber sketch is of the sketch artist. The first sketch wasn't good enough for the case lead and he sent another artist back years later. The second time she was remembering remembering the sketch instead of remembering the man. That's awesome.

The Kacynski family is pretty incredible. Not only does David have the courage to turn in his brother, but his mother takes the news Ted is the bomber with grace. She recalls the boy who was kind and gentle but has no doubts he must be stopped.

Fitz takes everything to Natalie. It's time to compare the letters he has from his family to the manifesto so they can establish a clear connection.

When Natalie makes a pass at Fitz, she's rebuked and she takes offense. She wonders if she's an accessory to get closer to him.

Jim heads back to the FBI and puts a name on the board. Ted Kaczynski. Cole wants to erase it, but Ackerman stops him.

Cole is angry Jim bested him. 

Even Genelli wonders why Kaczynski isn't in the first 15 million pool of suspects. 

Finally, Ackerman is on board. Fitz wants to mine the letters.

Ackerman asks Jim to shed some light on the do not distribute cover. Fitz looks terrible when Tabby walks by asking...did you just screw me?

Suddenly she's walking out with her box of belongings. She looked up to Fitz, wanted to be him. He says she did break protocol, did send him the document. What an asshole.

That's the first time he looked like a terrible person. 


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Manhunt: UNABOMBER Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You're seriously trying to argue that the anti-technology Unabomber has two similar, but not identical, typewriters?


If we accuse him, and we are wrong, it will be like taking my own brother's life, and I can't live with that.