Two Linguistics Buddies - Manhunt: UNABOMBER
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FC wants his manifesto published. When the FBI refuses to negotiate with terrorists, Bob Guccione offers to publish in Penthouse. He says the demographics are the same at the New York Times.

FC allows that if the NYT and the Washington Post won't publish, they'll accept the publication, but they'll also allow themselves another bomb.

Cole still wants to focus on the other guy, even somehow connecting the Nathan R. with him. 

The best they can come up with when Ackerman doesn't like forensic linguistics is publishing the paper in the Washington Post so they can undergo a large surveillance operation.

When he gets into Janet Reno's office, her assistant uses the word wudder, and Ackerman moves forward with the two pronged approach leading with linguistics.

Fitz's wife comes to town. She is a bit in the way and feels terrible when she discovers Natalie, who says she has heard a lot about her because she's obviously heard nothing about Natalie.

Ackerman holds a press conference. While Natalie and Fitz celebrate their hard work, his wife seethes in the background. 

The outside world talks about the FBI being blackmailed. 

The number of photographers lined up to photograph the people purchasing the Washington Post looks like a line of paparazzi. 

A guy matching the profile gets the paper. Fitz can't believe it. Everyone takes note.

Tabby follows him all the way to Market street, where he bolts out to some homeless shelters. When he jumps and runs, it's not him. She's shot someone, but he's just a drug runner.

Fitz feels like an utter failure. Ellie is smiling to have him home, but he's miserable. He even can't stand the light but decides against shooting it out.

But Ackerman, Cole, and Reno were too fast in sending him home. Not everybody was sitting around the pedestal in San Francisco waiting to buy the Washington Post. Linda Kaczynski, for example, is at a conference in Paris. She calls her husband back home and suggests he read it as soon as possible.

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Manhunt: UNABOMBER Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Genelli: There is no Nathan R.
Ackerman: You're telling me we've been chasing a dead lead for two years?

Looks like half of San Francisco showed up just to buy the manifesto. What a world, right?