The Unabomber - Manhunt: UNABOMBER
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Fitz here to be the word guy, but he can't get to the manifesto. When he's called into the conference room to see "real police work," Fitz ignores the paths of the packages around the world and begins writing his assessment of FC on the white board.

A letter to the editor is sent to the SF Chronicle. FC promises to blow up an airliner.

Fitz cannot believe nobody will read the damn manifesto.

Meanwhile, Genelli cross referenced the 55 number and discovered a SSN match. It belonged to the first victim.

Fitz imagines the scene, FC placing his first bomb, being seen and his victim falling. He never got to relive his first kill because he was spotted.

Fitz is razzed after saying wudder instead of water and doesn't take it well.

But when FC sends a letter to the Times, everything gets very confusing.

Cole thinks FC is a dummy who copied someone elses manifesto and Ackerman refuses to read it. Nobody knows what is happening.

Fitz refocuses on the two letters. How does he know which is real?


Fitz's conversation with Natalie continues. It's a difficult one. She drops him at the prison. He has to go in to the Dublin Federal Prison to face Ted Kaczynski.

Fitz writes up his assessment of the two letters, his belief that the bomb threat is a prank. He has the physical evidence to back up his report.

Now it's time to work on the manifesto.

In 1997, Fitz arrives at the prison.

The FBI needs a guilty plea from Ted. Fitz is their only shot. If they go before a jury and roll the dice, the technicalities they have could go against them. Ted has an IQ of 168. It's going to be a true meeting of the minds and Fitz needs to build a connection but remain opaque. He needs to get him to the plea but not spook him. the task seems incredibly overwhelming.


We're reminded Fitz has a family. He's living on his own in an apartment covered with Unabomber case information. His wife can't talk to him on the phone because he's not really "there."

The next day, his bosses call him in while Janet Reno and the FAA reopen LAX (this never happened).

Because of his good work, Fitz is given an office and a team. But well before, he's ready to go to work. Who writes like this? He's ready to figure that out.

Ernie Espisito and Tabby are his first two recruits.


Ted never liked the word manifesto. He doesn't like the way it suggests lunacy rather than an extended break from reality. I'd love to know if the story of his mockingbird talk was real.

Fitz said every time he got in the car, the more Ted's paper made sense to him. There was nobody on the street and he was sitting there at a red light. He wondered why. Their hearts are no longer free.

Fitz move too fast into the idea of a guilty plea. Like Ted said, he was doing so well. Fitz does seem to believe in what Ted wrote, but he's not ready to sell his soul for the opportunity to continue sending his message.

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Manhunt: UNABOMBER Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Fitz: You're saying this is from him, the Unabomber?
Genelli: His most recent letter. Fifty FBI agents have been going over that letter with a fine tooth comb for two weeks. Not one of them saw the emordnilap. Not even me. I've had profilers working on this thing for 15 years, and we're right back where we started. I need somebody that sees things differently, and like it or not, that is you.

I want to send you. It's one month. You go out there, build a profile and come back to the BAU with a big gold star.