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Ben fights the callings in an effort to keep his family safe. Right after he makes the decision to disengage from the situation with Thomas, he starts hearing a voice tell him "It's all connected." He takes Cal out for a day of chaos theory fun to prove the voice wrong -- they'll make every decision about what to do by flipping a coin. They have a blast, but Cal runs off while they're on the subway. He leads Ben on a chase through tunnels and air ducts until they end up at the storage room where Thomas is hiding. Cal somehow knows his name, and later, that somebody -- a woman -- is coming to the room. It turns out to be Bethany's wife, Georgia, who takes Thomas to the planned safe house upstate. With the revelation that Cal is having his own callings, albeit different from what everyone else has experienced, Josh reengages Michaela in trying to figure out what happened to them. We find out that while everyone else on 828 was asleep, Cal woke up and looked out the window to see something that explains how "it's all connected." 

In flashbacks, we see how Jared, Grace, and Olive dealt with the disappearances. Grace met Danny in a loss support group, and Olive resented him at first. Their relationship obviously grew closer because he shows up to see Grace and explain that he knows he gets over losing her, but he's not sure if he can get over losing Olive from his life. Grace talks to Olive who explains that she's happy to have Ben back but that Danny is her father now too. We saw Olive struggle with being separated from her twin, even for the short duration of the flight, and her belief years later that he was still alive.

Lourdes helped support Jared as a way to honor her friend, but when years later she urged him to leave his comfort zone, he kissed her. Michaela visits Lourdes to get her help with Jared's insistence on taking the fall for the botched uncover job, but Lourdes knows nothing about it. The visit to Jared and Lourdes' home upsets Michaela, who explains to her father it was like seeing the life she was supposed to have. He encourages her to fight for Jared. She starts to admit her feelings for him after the decision is made about his career (10 days docked pay, arranged by Vance so that he'll still be able to spy on Michaela), but he blows her off to head home. Both women are left feeling like they don't know where Jared stands with them, afraid he's in love with the other. 

Bethany is arrested by Vance for her alleged involvement smuggling Thomas into the country. She doesn't back down to his threats. 

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Manifest Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Ben: There is nothing some...creepy...voice can say that is worth risking my family.
Michaela: I know two kidnapped girls who would disagree.

Your choice has put us all in jeopardy. I am not going to jail and missing another five years with my family!