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We meet the Stone family as they wait for their flight back to the United States from Jamaica. Grandma Stone is patient and kind and quotes scripture, but daughter Michaela is frustrated by her insights and her opinions on her life. Grandpa is just kind of there. Michaela has had some kind of tragedy/trauma occur, and isn't open to letting herself be happy with her boyfriend back in New York. Ben and his wife Grace are focused on their sick son, Cal. Cal's twin Olive has definitely been playing second fiddle when it comes to parental attention. When the airline asks for people to give up their seats on an oversold flight, Michaela agrees in order to escape her mother's meddling. Ben is eager to get the travel voucher promised by the airline so that they can take another trip to the Mayo Clinic, and Cal wants to stay with his dad. Their later flight seems to go fine, with just a scary interval of really bad turbulence. But when they land, the passengers and flight crew are shocked to find out that five and half years have gone by. 

They all have trouble adjusting to the jump in time. Cal is afraid of Olive, who is suddenly a teenager. Michaela and Ben are shocked to find out that their mother died. Michaela is now homeless and her boyfriend has married her best friend. Ben doesn't have a job waiting for him. But things start to get really weird when Michaela starts hearing voices. The first time, she insists a bus driver slow down and just narrowly keeps him from hitting a small child who has dashed into the street. Later, she and Ben both show up at a junkyard after hearing a voice tell them to "set them free" -- they follow the voice's direction and release the guard dogs. A neighbor catches them on camera, and Michaela's ex takes her back to the junkyard in order to smooth things over. She wanders off while Jared tries to explain the situation and once again hears a voice telling her to set them free. She breaks down a down, to Jared's initial outrage, and is shocked to find two missing girls inside -- the very girls Jared has been looking for. 

Michaela and Ben are disturbed by the voices and the eerie results of the instructions, but can't help following another instruction. They head out to the airfield where the plane is being kept so that it can be disassembled and examined for answers, only to find many other passengers there as well. As they all look on, the plane suddenly bursts into flames. Whatever or whoever brought them back clearly doesn't want homeland security to find any answers. 

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Manifest Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Michaela: I am still the same screw-up you said goodbye to in Jamaica.
Grace: The universe just gave all of us a giant do-over. Everything that happened before goes out the window.

Ben: Why are you fighting this when all it's gonna do is make you happy? That's all we want for you.
Michaela: That was really sweet of you. You must be drunk.