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Saanvi starts seeing visions of a stone woman who leaves behind wet prints. Concerned, she visits an old friend, who is now the head of psychiatry at her hospital. She shows him her MRI, hiding the fact that it's hers. He's surprised at her "patient's" scan because it is extremely similar to a homeless schizophrenic recently brought in. When she leaves his office, she once again notices the wet footprints and follows them to a patient room -- the room of the schizophrenic homeless man. Vance and the NSA have also become aware of the man because when the cops tried to run his fingerprints, it triggered an alarm in the 828 databases. The man was a stowaway on the flight, and flashbacks show the flight attendant, Bethany, helping him. Saanvi visits Bethany, who reveals that the man was her cousin's boyfriend and she was helping him flee police retribution in Jamaica. Because he escaped through the cargo bay instead of deplaning with the passengers, he has no idea that five years have passed. The only way to get Thomas out of the hospital and protect him from Vance is if Bethany pretends to be his mother to secure his release. Just as Saanvi and Bethany are about to execute their plan, an alarm goes off and the hospital is locked down. Michaela has also seen the stone woman, appearing as an angel, and has shown up to the hospital just in time to help the women escape before Vance notices them. When Michaela and Saanvi describe their visions, Bethany recognizes the statue they've seen as the Lady of the Water, a statue in Central Park, and deduces that Thomas will be there. They take him to the boiler room of Kelly's commercial property, which Vance has ceased surveilling since she died. 

Jared bribes a coworker to call in sick so that he can partner with Michaela, which upsets her. She misinterprets a vision and thinks that they need to go into an undercover op in order to save an ATF agent. Jared acts on her instinct, but she's wrong this time. They bust in too early and the op is blown. Jared takes responsibility, putting his career on the line. He pushes her to tell him what's going on, but she refuses. Jared starts keeping notes on when and where strange things are happening with his ex. 

Grace is overwhelmed when she receives a letter from the insurance company that they need to pay back the death benefit on Ben. They talk the financial situation through, and Ben eventually finds a solution. Olive is picked up for shoplifting and Ben is shocked that she called Danny instead of him. He handles the situation fairly well until it becomes clear that Grace and Danny have been in contact. Ben tells Grace that maybe he shouldn't be forcing her to give up Danny, but the situation between husband and wife is left unclear. 


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Manifest Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Grace: Olive just doesn't do well with change, and she's had a lot of it lately.
Ben: Like suddenly having a dad back in the picture, and one who doesn't know what a romper is.

Grace: Just give it time, and you'll learn to speak 'Olive.'
Ben: Is it mostly this? [exaggerated eye roll and scoffing sigh]
Grace Yes, it's mostly that.