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The episode picks up with Mic in jail and confused by Jared's actions. 

He informs her to keep her mouth shut and follow his leads. 

Once her lawyer bails her out, Jared passes her a note, which tells her to meet him at "their spot."

Mic arrives at the park for the first time since the proposal and recalls the day that Jared got down on one knee in front of her family. 

Jared arrives and informs her that he's actually been working undercover after he walked into the bar and found himself "in the belly of the beast."

He tells Mic he wanted to protect her since she said she'd never feel safe until the hate group was gone. 

Jared brings her up to speed as Bowers officially welcomes her to the operation. 

Jared gets a worried call from Tamara and goes to the bar. When he doesn't check back in within the agreed-upon time frame, Mic begins to worry. They utilize the bug she implanted in the bar to see if anything is up and behold, Jared is sending them a message using his and Mic's song. 

He reveals that Billy kidnapped Zeke and wants to "rough him up."

Jared gives them all the necessary information including how many people are inside. He then suggests Billy call Simon to show off his capture. 

Once Simon and Erica arrive, Simon is upset that Billy exposed them. 

He agrees that they have to kill Zeke otherwise he'll immediately run to tell the cops. 

Jared agrees, and as Simon and Erica exit, they're apprehended by Mic and the feds. 

Meanwhile, Jared pretends he's about to shoot Zeke before turning the gun on Billy and his friends. 

Mic and Bowers bust in just in time to help Jared and save Zeke, who seems shocked that Mic was in on the plan the whole time. 

At the Stone household, Grace gets a Calling that takes her to a bridge in New York where she hears a man shouting for help. 

She and Ben decide to check it out. Upon arrival, they spot Adrian lurking around. He's been in hiding since the fire. Grace trips and falls while walking down the rocky pathway and suddenly goes into labor. 

Adrian sticks around and eventually, sees a kayaker drowning and swims over to save him. 

At the hospital, the doctor says that Grace's condition is very dire and without the doctor available to perform such a risky surgery, either Grace or the baby will die. 

Before losing consciousness, Grace asks Ben to save the baby and he respects her wishes, but when it comes down to it, he tells the doctor to save his wife instead. 

Thankfully, they're able to find the doctor needed for the operation just in time -- it's the man Adrian saved from the water thanks to his joint Calling with Grace. 

Grace delivers a pre-mature baby girl named Eden.

Adrian informs Ben that the Callings want him to think they're for good but they're actually evil. 

Ben doesn't agree, but he feels an enormous amount of guilt for choosing to save his wife over his baby. 

Mic tells him not to worry about it. 

Adrian and Cal share a joint Calling as they both see three black shadows closing in on them. What does this mean?

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Mic: So you joined them because of me?
Jared: I did. Because the best way to destroy a hate group is to blow it up from the inside.

He’s going to be okay. They both are.

Captain Bowers