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The episode kicks off with Olive convincing TJ to go to a club with her later that evening. 

She gets into a fight with Ben and Grace as she defends the Church of Believers and threatens to get emancipated so she can work there full-time. 

Olive continues to be disappointed when she finds out TJ is siding with her dad and doesn't necessarily believe in the Church's mission either. 

Ben realizes he has to stop Adrian more than ever and goes to confront him at the Church again. 

Adrian claims he doesn't have Callings, and things don't end well between them. 

Mic suggests maybe patching things up with Adrian as a way of "keeping your enemies closer."

Ben reaches out to him and Adrian agrees to have a drink with him.

Mic and Zeke get into a fight when she asks him about his razor with the pills and tries to trap him into admitting he thought about relapsing. 

Zeke leaves the house without telling her where he's going. 

She gets a call from Isaiah, who informs her that he has new information about the attack on the Church and asks her to meet him at the club because he's working. 

Ben, Mic, Grace and TJ all show up at the bar where they're "giving out free champagne."

Immediately, they begin to feel like something is wrong. 

When Ben asks Adrian why he invited him to a club, Adrian informs him that he never texted him. 

Ben looks around and starts to realize that the whole club is full of Flight 828 passenger. 

The three of them have a shared Calling, which proves to Ben that Adrian has been having them. 

Mic notices that the "crash" the Calling was showing them was actually what was going to happen at this party. This is what "save the passengers" was warning them about. 

While this is happening, Zeke, Grace, and Cal have a joint Calling warning them that it was time to save the passengers. 

Cal suggested they use Olive's iPad to figure out where they are. 

Jared was plotting something with the X'ers and went to retrieve Mic's case files, but abandoned that when Grace called him about the danger. 

Meanwhile, at the party, Mic and Ben are looking for ways to evacuate everyone as Isaiah sets fire to the place. 

Mic finds an exit, Ben and TJ help free Olive from a locked room, and Ben carries her out after she twisted her ankle. 

As rubble begins falling around them and trapping them, Isaiah grabs Olive and puts a knife to her throat. 

He informs them that the "miracle" is upon them" but that it requires the passengers to be among the fallen. 

TJ lunges at Isaiah to free Olive. Ben carries her out as the place explodes behind them likely killing anyone who was left behind including TJ and Isaiah. 

Olive is distraught. 

Shortly before the explosion, Jared and Zeke arrived on the scene to help Mic clear the area. 

Adrian looks on at the disaster is disbelief and walks away. 

Later in the evening, Ben goes to retrieve the Al-Zuras journal TJ found at Yale and realizes that the "prophecy" predicted he would carry Olive out of a burning inferno. 

Saanvi, who successfully got rid of the Callings and eliminated the anomaly with help from her ex-girlfriend, Alex, treats Zeke for his burn injuries and realizes his hands are actually exhibiting frostbite. The death date is slowly beginning to creep up on him.

He tells Mic he loves her and she informs him that she loves him too. 

She also finds out that Jared inquired about her case files and becomes suspicious. 

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