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The episode kicks off with footage of the explosion that left Jared injured and Vance "dead" on Manifest Season 1 to give viewers a deeper look at what happened when Vance rolled away in the ambulance.

Instead of going to the hospital, Vance disappeared and allowed everyone to think he was dead.

He informs Mic and Ben that he's been investigating an account financing Flight 828 and that the money has doubled this week without any reason.

He believes The Major is planning something.

Eventually, he learns that The Major ordered a DNA sequencer just like Saanvi, who was looking into Ben and Grace's baby, which was confirmed when Grace began getting the Callings.

During the Calling, she heard her own voice telling her to stop a blood draw confirming the paternity.

Saanvi told her therapist (The Major) that she made a discovery that the Callings may be transferable genetically.

Meanwhile, Bens spends most of the episode befriending TJ, a college student and Flight 828 passenger, who was trying to make sense of the Callings.

He thought he was seeing his death but after following a Calling, he discovered the body of a fellow student.

Ben informs Jared that TJ found the body via a Calling and Jared has his doubts.

They bring him in for questioning, and Jared arrests him because they found his prints all over the victim's room.

TJ swears he never met Frannie, but even though Mic doesn't want to argue with the evidence, she promises Ben she'll look into it.

A deeper investigation reveals that TJ didn't know Frannie, but she found all of his stuff after his disappearance and was using it in her recent art gallery hence why all the prints appeared in her room.

Mic tracks down the security guard responsible for the murder via a Calling, which doesn't sit well with her new Captain Bowers.

She orders Mic and Jared to stay far away from each other during the next case.

During this time, Mic, Zeke, and Cal share a joint Calling that is so intense it causes them to convulse.

The Calling wants Mic to save Zeke, who is in prison and restrained due to the shakes. He refused visitors and plead guilty to shooting Mic thus landing himself a spot in prison.

Olive realizes that since her mom now has Callings, she's the only outcast and befriends a girl named Maxine Taylor who belongs to the Church of Believers.

Grace warns her against befriending anyone who could hurt their family but Olive wants to fit in somewhere and attends a meeting.

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Ben: You want me to do some poking around?
Vance: Stone, the last time you did poke around you ended up in the back of a van with a hood over your head.

Mom, you’re not sure about anything. And you are lying if you say you are.