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Mic informs Ben and Grace that Cal has been kidnapped as payback for arresting the meth dealers against the Calling's wishes.

She promises to get him back by giving them what they want -- their product -- but Ben and Grace are beyond upset with Cal.

She heads out to the police station leaving behind her dying husband.

As Zeke lays there freezing to death, he has a vision in which he sees his first death.

Mic tries to check out all the meth from evidence, but the officer realizes Vasquez is presiding over the case since she's supposed to be on leave.

She calls Jared who comes down and signs out the drugs despite not knowing why Mic is there or what she wants.

Apparently, no one told him his dealers escaped, and once he realizes she's trying to trade the drugs for Cal, he offers to help. Ben and Grace are weary, but they trust Mic to make the exchange. Jared and Drea offer to be the eyes while Mic leaves a black duffel under a public bench and one of the men picks it up.

Unfortunately, the place was so public that some "good samaritan" called Mic to let her know that she left her stuff. When Mic shows her a badge and tells her she's an officer, the woman says she could "get one of those for $10" and calls over another cop.

At that point, the dealers get spooked and call the whole thing off.

Chief Bowers is notified and she's not happy with them. She begins lecturing about how they have to follow procedures, and Mic puts her badge down and threatens to leave.

Bowers doesn't accept her resignation and offers to help.

Cal convinces one of the dealers to let him text his sister, and in the text message, he leaves her a hint about his location.

Olive figures he's at the dugout at the Catskills, and Zeke confirms it because he saw it in his Calling, which shows his future death, not a past one.

Mic assures everyone it's better if they go alone without the cops, and Zeke says he's going with them since it's his Calling.

They arrive at the destination and Zeke tells them to keep going.

They make their way through the woods, but the dealers see their flashlights upon approach.

With a manhunt underway for the three escaped convicts, Chase, the leader, tells the other two to slit Cal's throat and cut him loose. His brother doesn't feel comfortable doing that, so he sets Cal free.

Once Chase realizes, he darts after Cal. At the same time, Zeke is running toward Cal and the place he saw in his Calling. Ben and Mic arrive at the cabin and miss Cal, so they run into the forest after him also.

Everyone ends up on a frozen lake. Chase catches Cal and holds a gun to his head.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes the ice and cracks it. The three men plus Cal fall in.

Zeke dives in after them and manages to save Cal. He tries to climb out but one of the men pulls him back in and he get rapped. Eventually, he finds the opening and Ben pulls him up. He dies in Mic's arms.

Just as the police arrive on the scene, Zeke glows and comes back to life thus defying the "death date." Jared arrives looking rather upset that Zeke survived.

They all head home and Ben apologizes to Mic. They both call Zeke's "rebirth" a miracle.

The next day, the expert team of divers tells Jared that none of the men are in the water even though there was no way for them to escape.

Saanvi asks Vance to help her locate The Major. He tells her to play the long game, but she informs him that she doesn't have time and goes rogue.

She confronts The Major on the ferry, but The Major can see right through her.

She knows Vance is alive and she tells Saanvi that she can't offer anything because she already figured it all out with her research.

Saanvi later approaches The Major and poisons her. She dangles the cure in front of her as she begins to choke. She informs her she's running out of time just like Zeke and orders her to tell her the truth.

As they wrestle each other for the cure, it slips out of their hands and breaks onto the concrete. In her last few minutes, The Major tells Saanvi that she didn't find a cure because she was trying to weaponize the anomaly so she could infect people.

Saanvi realizes she just murdered someone and runs away. She calls Vance and has a breakdown.

Ben is in bed with his whole family back together again when he has the strongest Calling of Flight 828 blowing up over the ocean.

The Calling leads into the cliffhanger. We see a ship in Havana, Cuba hit something in the water. The crew pulls it out and finds the wing from Montego Airlines.

One of the men says it's the missing Flight 828 while another assures him that the plane came back. The other man repeats that it is 100% Flight 828.

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Saanvi: I have more than enough proof to go public.
The Major: Careful, Saanvi. Those are the kinds of threats that get people killed.

Major: Saanvi? To what do I owe this surprise?
Saanvi: You have something I want.