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The episode kicks off with flashbacks to Zeke and Courtney's wild and impulsive relationship. The two bonded over their drug addiction and decided to get married one day but thankfully, they never made it official. 

In the present day, Courtney is staying with Zeke and his new girlfriend, Michaela, and she's impressed that he's on the right path and dating a cop. 

When Mic comes home from a shift, she sees Courtney all beat up and learns that it was at the hands of a dealer named Luke, who she owes money. 

Zeke decides to take care of Luke, but Mic goes undercover with plans to arrest Luke when he makes the sale. 

The plan hits a snag when Luke wants Mic to shoot up. Zeke offers to take Mic's hit but she throws a fit and Luke agrees to sell to them. That's when one of Luke's men realizes that she's a passenger and a cop. 

Drea comes in just in time to help Mic and Zeke and arrests Luke. 

Courtney is grateful and tells Mic she sees how dedicated Zeke is to making a change. 

Mic checks a few places that Courtney said Zeke used to hide pills and finds them stashed in his razor. 

Ben and Saanvi share a Calling, He checks up on her at the hospital and finds her passed out. 

He realizes she's been testing on herself and gives her a lecture which she completely disregards. 

They realize the Calling was about the young boy on the plane. Ben remembers that a man named Finn sat in the seat where they saw the boy. 

Finn has no idea who the little boy is, but Ben and Saanvi realize he's his son from a one-night stand in Jamaica. 

They track down the mother who has no interested in having her son meet Finn because she told her husband that it was his son. 

Eventually, she agrees to a one-time meeting between them. 

Saanvi realizes that Theo has liver disease, which explains his clumsiness. 

At the hospital, doctor's confirm it. Finn is a positive donor and agrees to help his son. 

A later Calling finds Mic, Ben, Saanvi, and Adrian at the site of a plane crash. It isn't 828 but it does have Finn on-board.

Adrian is looking in from the outside but no one sees him.

Grace suggests that maybe she and Ben tell people that their "miracle baby" is Danny's in order to protect their little girl. 

Ben is against the idea and is furious with her for suggesting it. 

Grace and TJ grow closer as they spend time tracking down the tarot card reader to learn more about the peacock card. 

They learn it's part of a deck that belonged to a man who died and reappeared claiming he heard God's voice. 

They're convinced this has happened before. 

TJ and Olive kiss and a romance is born. 

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Mic: I have a feeling...
Chief Bowers: Do I strike you as someone who is interested in your feelings? Stop pointing fingers and go catch a bad guy. Goodbye.

Olive: Does this mean it's happened before?
TJ: I don't know.