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The episode kicks off with Angelina, who is experiencing a Calling of some kind of angel with wings. 

Ben is brainstorming ways to help save Vance even though he was told to leave it alone and go against his gut. 

Grace warns him that what he's doing is dangerous, but he reminds her that they entered U.S. airspace undetected. 

That is until he gets a little visit from some folks at the Pentagon, the DOD, and the NSA. 

They explain that they know a cargo plane landed in a decommissioned airfield and want to know why he was on it, and, more importantly, what he's working for. 

Ben refuses to tell them anything, but he finds it weird that Vance's former partner, Powell, mumbles "the truth shall set you free" prior to leaving. 

Ben talks to Emmett about saving Vance, but he's not supportive of the plan either.

Ben pays a visit to Vance's wife, who blames him for sucking her husband back into this whole mess. 

He learns that the quote about "the truth" is written on Vance's grave. 

He gets to the cemetery where Powell is waiting for him. He explains that he's had a nagging feeling that Vance isn't buried here. In desperation, Ben confirms it and asks Powell for help saving Vance who was captured by the Cuban military. 

Powell doesn't believe the U.S. government will help Vance, so Ben decides to share an even bigger piece of intel: there's a piece of 828 in Cuba. 

Meanwhile, Mic returns to work and has a stern talk with her Captain about playing by the book. 

She explains that she just got intel about the bodies of the three methheads surfacing in the lake. 

She informs Ben and the rest of the Stone family, who figure it's best that they go into hiding before the men find them and get their revenge. 

Grace suggests that they stay at her step-brother Tarik's. Ben questions if he'll agree to that since they aren't on speaking terms, but Grace is confident. 

She heads over there with Cal and Eden, while Ben stays behind to help Vance. Meanwhile, Olive sticks around to help Angelina follow and make sense of her Calling. 

Angelina believes the Calling wants her to go back to her old school. She sees a painting of Archangel Michael, which looks just like the faceless figure in her Calling. 

She then remembers a time when her class accidentally hit the painting with a rock causing the figure to remain faceless. 

They dig up a time capsule that she buried there and find a picture of her from her childhood. She recalls the happy and normal days when her parents would take her to get snow cones at King Cone.

The girls decide to go there and get a treat for old times' sake. 

Mic and Drea head over to the lake to inspect the area and learn that the men hurt a local camper and stole his RV. 

Jared tracks down the RV. A chase ensues, but Jace throws a canister at the cop car, which explodes and stops them in their tracks. 

Both Kory and Pete try to reason with Jace and remind him that they've been given a second chance. 

Instead, he drives them to the snow cone place where he used to work and hatches a plan to rob the joint. 

At the same time, Angelina and Olive grab their treats and, in the process, lose the photo from her childhood. 

Pete finds the photo and hears a voice in his head like a Calling telling him to "go to her."

As Mic and Drea close in on them, Jace and Kory make a run for it, but Pete stays behind. 

He explains that he believes he's supposed to find the girl in the picture. Angelina and Olive turn the corner looking for the picture, and it's revealed that Pete is the young boy standing in the background of the photo. 

Of course, "it's all connected" comes to mind. 

Olive wants Angelina and Pete to figure out what this means, but Mic, remembering what her boss said, shuts it down and takes him to the precinct.

The Captain asks Mic where she thinks the methheads were for three months. She informs her that she has some theories that aren't rooted in facts.  

Saanvi is overwhelmed at her clinic, and Zeke helps her out for the day. 

He questions why she's pushing herself, which throws her off. She explains that no one has noticed for months that something is wrong with her. 

"You're seeing what no one else is," she tells him. 

Ben, Olive, and Angelina assume they are going to go meet Grace, Cal, and Eden at Tarik's, who finally came around and decided to make amends with his sister after a heart-to-heart with Cal on the basketball court, but they stop when they realize that the house is swarmed with news reporters. 

Turns out, getting his friend out of Cuba came with a price as the news cycle is now reporting about the 828 tail fin and speculating what happened to the passengers if the plane reportedly landed a year and a half ago in New York. 

"Are there two planes?" the news reporter asks as Ben, Olive, and Angelina run upstairs and hide from the reporters pounding on their front door. 

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Manifest Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

The three guys who kidnapped Cal.. they’re alive again.


Powell: Promise, I’ll do everything in my power to keep it secret. But everyone on the planet is fascinated with 828 so it may not be in my power. So, what is it? A piece of intel?
Ben: A piece of 828.