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Grace visits Ben in jail.

She's upset with him because he went too far and she feels like she's losing him. 

She brings him a suit for his arraignment in hopes of convincing the judge to go easy on him. 

The judge, however, isn't a fan of the mayhem 828ers have been causing, especially Ben, who has assaulted Cody Weber twice now. 

When Ben pleads "not guilty," she sets his bail at half a million, which Grace posts, only after she gets back the deposit for the restaurant. 

Mick, Ben, Cal, and Angelina all have a joint Calling in which they see themselves burning up. 

Cal even has the burns on his body to prove it. 

Saanvi realizes that it's connected to the experiments and tests being conducted at Eureka. 

She begs Vance to stop runnings tests on the tail fin, but he refuses because he's determined to get answers. 

He doesn't even care if it can cause a natural disaster. 

When Saanvi tells him she stole the driftwood to close the fissure, he fires her. 

She turns herself into Mick, who is toeing the line of whether or not to arrest Saanvi for the Major's murder. 

Ben tells her that she has to figure out if she's a cop first or a passenger first. 

When she realizes there's a full-on war against the passengers by all the government agencies and the Captain tells her that she's been pushed to desk duty, Mick quits her job. 

She also has a confrontation with Eagan, who accuses her of "rounding up passengers."

Eagan is in prison when he gets the Calling about being on fire. Adrian is also arrested and informs him that "his wrath" is coming.

Grace has had enough of the 828 Callings, but Mick convinces her to stick it out if it means Ben and Cal can come out on the other side. 

Cal hides Angelina in his room after Grace kicked her out. He believes she's supposed to help him with a Calling.

Eventually, he realizes what he has to do and takes a taxi to Eureka. 

Testing on the tail fin isn't giving them the desired results, which likely has something to do with the Calling. 

Ben, Mick, and Saanvi realize they have to stop the testing as well. 


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Manifest Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Grace: I understand. But it does us no good if in saving the lifeboat, you drown in the process.
Ben: I know that now, I do.

Ben: Well, wake up Muck cause we are sinking fast.
Mick: We might already be sunk.