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The episode picks up where the first half left off with Zeke knocked out and unconscious. 

Jace finds Mick and dramatic fight ensues. 

As they're throwing punches, Jace hears Cal's basketball bouncing, which gives Mick a slight advantage. 

That is until he pushes her towards a cliff and she falls over. 

Zeke awakens and goes to find Mick, who has a dislocated shoulder. 

They begin their trek up the cliff and then attempt to find service so that they can warn Ben and Cal about Jace. 

Ben calls Jared for assistance, and he arrives at the lake to help his ex and her husband.

Tarik's home has been vandalized after the story about the 828 passengers hiding out goes viral. 

Grace and Tarik argue briefly before she informs him that they have to hide because there's a target on their back. 

Tarik recalls "headquarters" a.k.a an underground bunker from their childhood and they take shelter there. 

Ben, Pete, Angelina, and the NSA agent are on their way to find Mick and Zeke when they see Cal's basketball roll across the road. 

The agent doesn't see anything, so they realize it's a Calling informing them that Cal is in danger. 

When they arrive at Tarik's, the rest of the family comes out from hiding, which is when the agent gets shot in the head. 

Jace is on the roof sparing no bullets. 

The rest of the family runs off to hide. 

Tarik informs Grace that he has a shotgun in the shed and runs off to get it despite her protests. 

He's approached by Jace, who demands to know where Cal is hiding. 

Tarik lies and tells him that they're in the forest. Despite giving up the information, Jace still stabs him in the back.

Pete breaks out of the car and apologizes to Tarik. He tries to convince Jace to do the right thing, but Jace is convinced that Cal is his salvation. He explains that if Cal dies, they can't die.

Grace finds her brother bleeding out and apologizes to him. 

When Ben arrives on the scene, he finds Tarik dead. Grace is ready for battle as she's covered in blood and has her shotgun.

Cal stays behind in the underground bunker with Eden. To stop her from crying, he sings a nursery rhyme. Unknowing to him, alll three of the methheads can hear it.

Kory, who broke out from the hospital earlier, arrives at the bunker and tells Cal to stop singing because it leads them right to him.

If he can find him, so can Jace.

Grace finds Jace and threatens to shoot him. Ben begs her not to pull the trigger because it'll mean she has to live with the guilt for the rest of her life. 

Plus, time is up as Jace begins to puke up lake water. 

Eventually, he shrivels up and dies as everyone watches including Kory and Pete, who are fine. Pete celebrates beating the death date by kissing Angelina. 

Back at home, Olive tries to find more information from the papyrus but finds that the artwork has already been taken because the restoration was completed. 

She convinces the movers to let her hang onto it for a bit longer. 

A janitor brings over Ben's bag, which contains the final piece of the papyrus. Olive works diligently to restore it and is shocked when she realizes that they've been missing a huge piece of the puzzle. 

She calls Ben to inform him that they misjudged the situation right after Jace dies. She explains that since they all came back together, they were all being judged together. 

A shadow emerges from Jace's body and attacks Kory and Pete. 

All three of them die as everyone watches on in horror. 

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Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Mic: What if the truth is impossible to believe?
Drea: You came back from the dead. I dare you to top that.

So, run of the mill crazy or is this cause you guys are magic? Either way, like every other man, he seems to be obsessed with you.