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The episode kicks off with Mick back on Flight 828.

No one hears her except for Bethany, the flight attendant. They see blood dripping from the plane walls befoe Zeke wakes Mick up. 

Mick tracks down Bethany to find out what else she saw and learns that Eagan was on the plane opening the emergeny escape door in the Calling. 

When she confronts Eagan, who is still behind bars, he admits he saw a crow or raven in his Calling. 

She knows someone else was on the plane and searches for more answers.

Eventually, she gets another Calling and realizes Adrian lied about not getting them anymore as she sees him with bloody eyes.

She realizes that Adrian is planning to hurt a passenger. Zeke gets an empathy feeling and reveals that Adrian feels guilt and shame for doing something terrible. 

After being released from jail, Adrian gathers his fellow 828ers and leads a resistance. He informs them that Ben is a traitor who aligned with the government. He calls him an agent of the apocalypse like Noah, who only saved his own family and brought upon the flood.

This is the same story Olive digs up when looking for instances of crows/ravens in the bible. 

Ben and Saanvi plan a way to get into Eureka, but since he's still on house arrest, he can't parttake.

Olive comes home and apologizes for being gone so long. She questions where Cal is and thinks it's strange he turned in for the night.

Ben gets a call from Vance that Cal is at Eureka.

Olive helps Ben take off his ankle monitor and puts it on herself.

Jared arrives at Mick's place and voices his anger at her decision to quit. 

Zeke tells him to leave and informs Mick that Jared isn't over her.

Mick feeks bad she can't tell him the truth about Saanvi.

Ben and Grace arrive at Eureka, but Cal refuses to leave the tailfin.

He explains that something bad will happen if they don't stop the experiments and informs them that it can't be here anymore. 

He then reveals his burnt shoulder, which is getting progressively worse by the minute. 

Grace asks to bring in Saanvi, the only doctor she'll trust. 

Cal's skin tissue reveals the same sapphire compound found on the tail fin. 

Dr. Gupta refuses to stop testing and explains there's no scientific evidence to support their theory about the earthquake and the burns. 

Vance agrees to pause testing to see if Cal gets better. 

Ben tries to destroy the tail fin, but his attempt is interrupted by a Calling. He wakes up in the water and sees the tail fin. He then sees Cal drowning. 

He explains that he was wrong to think they needed to destroy the tail fin. Instead, they need to return it to where they found it. 

Vance agrees to help, but the testing resumes as his order was overruled by Director Zimmer.

Cal realizes that no one is going to take him seriously, so he tells Grace that he loves her, dashes towards the tail fin, and disappears into thin air.

Grace is distraught. 

Sarah gets her mother's safety deposit box. Jared goes to see Eagan, who informs him that Ben got Saanvi a nice, cushy job with the NSA. 

When Sarah opens the box, she finds tapes with Saanvi's name on them. Jared believes Saanvi killed The Major. 

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