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The episode kicks off by giving fans a glimpse of what happened after Saanvi killed the Major. 

Vance's right-hand man was loading her body into a sanitation truck when he was stopped by the police. After a bit of pressing, the cop walked away. 

In the present day, Jared is interviewing a "Karen" about the noise complaint she filed. 

She provides a photo of the license plate of the garbage truck, but when Jared goes to the rental company, it's a dead end. 

He's then scooped up by Vance's man and taken to NSA headquarters where he's told that the The Major was murdered by foreign enemies and he needs to stop his investigation. 

Jared informs The Major's daughter about her death and consoles her. 

Pete gives up the location of Jace's RV. Mic and Drea find disturbing photos inside including an etching of three shadow figures and symbols drawn in blood. 

The shadow figure jumps off the paper and attacks Mic in a Calling. 

Drea confronts her about what's happening, and while Mic says she'll fill her in on all of the details at a later time, she informs her about the Callings, which she believes are coming from God. 

Jace, Pete, and Kory all get the same Calling that finds Jace hurting Mic.

Pete is afraid to follow the Calling because it wants them to do something bad, but he knows it's the only way to defeat the death date. 

As he's talking with Angelina, the NSA comes and grabs him. They want to run tests on him to see what's going on, why his body is breaking down, and if there's any way to beat the death date. 

Ben arrives at the NSA facility and attempts to strike a deal -- he convinces Pete to let them run a series of tests if they allow Pete to help him. 

Grace and Cal are still hiding out at Tarik's place. He proposes that they open up an 828-themed restaurant. Grace wants to keep a low profile, but she informs him that she'll think about it. He heads over to a bar where he talks about his idea with the bartender. 

A man sitting nearby overhears him and moves closer. At the end of the episode, we see the man follow Tarik home, take pictures of Grace and Eden, and post about their hideout online. 

Meanwhile, Olive goes to the university with the symbols to see if the Egyptian hieroglyphics could shed any light on their meaning. 

She shows them to Levi who explains that her drawing features the same symbols as the 2,000-year-old papyrus. 

They determine it's based on a painting called "The Last Trial" about three prisoners who were given a second chance to correct their mistakes. 

Olive calls Ben to inform him that Jace, Kory, and Pete's Callings are a test to see if they'll make the right decision. 

Ben convinces Vance to let him take Pete to the lake where they returned to help convince Jace to save Mic. 

The researchers are hesitant because Pete's time is limited, so Ben tells them that they can run their tests on him later. 

Vance gives Ben four hours. 

Mic and Zeke arrive at the lake and try to remain incognito while searching for Jace. Zeke can "feel" his anger.

At some point, Mic and Zeke split up and we see him get knocked unconscious. 

To be continued. 

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