Michaela on the Plane - Manifest
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The gang is worried about Cal's future, but he tells them that they need to find the sapphire to have any hope of saving themselves and him. They don't want to leave him but he says they will be upset if they learn that they could have saved him.

Ben gets a vision from Grace and goes to her grave with Eden, but Angelina is just posing as her to get Eden. Eden chooses Ben and they run off.

Ben and Michaela locate Angelina to her old school and she's got lava everywhere and is using the sapphire to cause problems.

Cal's dragon tattoo goes blue as he tries to survive. He winds up in a calling with Angelina on the plane. She gets Grace to tell him to give up his fight for survival, but he knows what she's doing. He grabs the Saphire and sets off on a mission back home.

He starts dying and Zeke absorbs the cancer, killing himself.

Saanvi and Vance's work is taken over by Gupta, who wants to take it all.

Jared and Drea are shocked when 828 protocol changes and they're told to apprehend every single survivor.

The final scene is Angelina emerging from the church with sapphire melted into her hand and there's lava everywhere.

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Manifest Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Zeke: I'm coming with you.
Michaela: Zeke, you can barely walk.

Grace: Ben.
Ben: Grace? I've missed you, my love. I... I'm broken without you.
Grace: No, Ben. You're strong.
Ben: Please help me. What do I do for our boy?
Grace: I'll tell you. But you need to bring Eden to me.