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  • Brett takes Olivia out to enjoy his habit of rock climbing. 
  • Karen left after the incident with the chalkboard and spent the night away. When she returned, the two of them have a conversation, and he apologizes for not respecting her boundaries. 
  • Woody and Amani have a disagreement about disciplining children. 
  • Bennett and Amelia orchestrate a chore chart because Amelia doesn't lie to do them and Bennett likes to keep things tidy. 
  • Bennett and Amelia and Miles and Karen go on a double date and play a kissing game and Bocci ball. 
  • The other couples hang out with each other and talk.
  • Christina and Henry tell the others that they're doing better, and Christina jokes about being pregnant. Amani takes Henry aside to talk to him, but he shares about his intimacy issues and how he's had issues with her response to production and being too impatient. 
  • Amani tells Christina what Henry said, and she gets bothered and says he never shared those things with her. 
  • Christina asks Henry where they stand and wants to know if he even sees a future with her. He tells her no, but he's willing to try because it's still early. 
  • There talk ends up well. 
  • Karen and Miles seem on the up and up. 
  • Miles and Woody talk about their marriages while hanging out together. Woody has issues that Amani hasn't flat out said that she loved him yet.
  • Bennett arranges a nice performance and meal for Amelia. 
  • Amelia and Bennett go out bike riding together and he mentions things that annoys him about her and wants her to do the same, but she can't. He's afraid that she's just enamored and putting him on a pedestal and his past with that messed up his relationships. 
  • Olivia gets upset when she takes Brett out with her friends and he doesn't seem enthused with the activities. 
  • Karen takes Miles to an intimacy workshop where she gives him a massage. They seem to connect. 
  • Amani admits to Woody that she's afraid if she doesn't catch up to his feelings he has for her that he won't love her when she's ready to love him back and she's having a hard time trying to keep up. 
  • Henry and Christina play a game and ask each other questions, opening up to one another. It's progress. 
Married at First Sight
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