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  • Amelia and Bennett met each other at a party months ago, but they fell out of touch.
  • They go exchange their vows. 
  • They realize they have a mutual friend and Bennett remembers meeting her more than once. 
  • Christina's nerves makes her come across abrasive. 
  • Henry  has some awkward moments at the altar. 
  • Christina thinks Henry is forgettable and keeps focusing on other things. 
  • She also has an issue with him only having female friends. 
  • Bennett and Amelia are getting along well and their families are gettng along well.
  • Bennett's mom gives a quirky toast at the wedding reception. 
  • Henry's dad gives a hilarious speech.
  • The couples have some quality time with their new spouse's relatives. 
  • Miles' relatives tell Karen that he's a momma's boy. 
  • Henry's friends are territorial of him and judgmental of Christina. They don't consider him married.
  • Christina tells Henry that she just got out of a five year relationship nine months ago.
  • Woody is happy that he now has two dads with Amani's father and stepfather.
  • Everyone asks the couples if they plan on having sex on their honeymoon or not.
  • Most of the couples are very hopeful about their futures together.
  • next the couples will have to face quarantining together. 
Married at First Sight
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Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

I met him before! I met him months, and months, and months ago at a party. I thought he was cool, and I never saw him again.


I'm so ready to be a wife, let's just do it. I'm tired of answering questions. Let's just do it. I don't know why I'm still standing here!