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  • Amani talks to her friend about decision day and her relationship with Woody. She does love him and have feelings, but she does also have some concerns about behaviors he displays. 
  • Woody talks to his grandmother about Amani and marriage. 
  • Miles and Karen both speak to their respective friends about their relationship and where they are with it. Karen brings up the masculine thing and how she is seeing a shift in that. 
  • Miles talks about how he's not getting all of his needs met and he's uncertain if Karen can evolve any quicker to his desire. 
  • Henry talks to his friend. She doesn't think that the marriage is working out for him. 
  • Christina tells her friend that she knows there are some things that she has to work on and that she underestands why she was paired with Henry. 
  • Brett speaks to his friend and tells him that the relationship is over. He doesn't feel he's learned anything from the experience. 
  • Olivia tells her friend that her relationship is over but she would hear Brett out if he had something to say about where they are. 
  • Amelia admits that she wanted to be on TV and Bennett doesn't know how to feel about that. 
  • Bennett's friends still have doubts about the relatonship. 
  • Miles speaks his mind about some of the things he's struggling with in their relatonship and he's brutally honest with Karen. 
  • Amani asks Woody what would happen if she decides they aren't good for each other, and she's not happy with his response. 
  • the couples  have to spend their last night apart so they can take time to figure out their decisions. 
Married at First Sight
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