Reunion Special  - Married at First Sight
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  • The couples sit down with Kevin Frazier individually to give updates on their lives. 
  • Woody and Amani share that they're still going strong. 
  • Woody proposes to Amani and gets emotional. He gives her a new engagement ring. 
  • Brett and Olivia are still at odds with one another. 
  • She talks about how he is serial dating and her friends tell her about it, and she's still mad about what happened before. 
  • Brett doesn't return for the second portion of the show. 
  • Amelia and Bennett are happy with each other in Virginia and have a new apartment. They are both working and don't get to spend as much time with each other anymore. 
  • Miles and Karen are still going strong and doing a lot better. They have moved a few houses down from Woody and Amani. 
  • Christina and Henry don't talk to each other anymore. 
  • When the group is all together, Henry responds to the questions about the text message. He says the he found out about Christina dating a married man for five years eight months  before she married Henry at the wedding reception and that it was a toxic relationship. 
  • He was concerned that she would show similar behavior and eventually did, especially with the text situation. 
  • HE also explains how she was blackmailing him, and everyone was shocked by all of this. Christina didn't want to talk about it. 
  • The group discussed how close they are and how they hang out with each other. 
Married at First Sight
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