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The gang, and Dennah's new guy, are gathered together to celebrate Annie and Jake's 6th year "date-iversary". They remind Annie and Jake of how every date-iversary for them is disastrous. Anne and Jake claim those were minor incidents, not a curse. After toasting, the power goes out.

Dennah reads on her phone that they need to seek shelter due to the storm outside. Gil pulls out a doomsday prep bag and orders everyone down to the basement to take shelter. Dennah is impressed, and slightly turned on, by Gil's assertiveness. Annie and Kay question Dennah's new relationship with Liam. She hasn't been with a guy like that ever, and they make fun of her previous relationships. 

Gil has gone into full-on doomsday prepper mode. He wants to take inventory which leads them to finding something called cabernet soy-vignon. Annie catches Jake in a lie when he drinks the soy. He had lied about being allergic to soy on their 5th date-iversary in order to get out of being yelled at about their relationship and to hide the fact that he was already ring shopping. They promise each other no more secrets.

That doesn't last long because they find Jake's old desk, and there's a drawer he refuses to open. Jake tells Annie she should trust him, and he wants to keep it private. Dennah and Kay tell her she can't trust him.

Dennah is finding herself attracted to Gil's authority which brings Kay to reveal that on Annie and Jake's 4th date-iversary, it was Dennah's fault that Annie got kicked in the face by a horse. Dennah is convinced Gil might be the right guy for her. They think she's crazy. 

After Annie starts freaking out about the drawer, Gil suggests they vote on a leader to maintain control. Gil is voted the leader when he says if elected he will open the drawer. After shouting off demands, Kay explains to Liam that Gil has a history of going overboard. She then reveals it was Gil who was responsible for ruining Annie and Jake's 3rd date-iversary when he put his home-brewed gasoline in their car and it caught on fire.

Gil opens the drawer, Dennah kisses him, and Kay reveals the storm as passed. Unfortunately, they are locked inside the storage room. Annie finds a prenuptial agreement in the drawer.

Gil says there's a way out through the vents. Annie climbs up there in order to get away from Jake. Jake reveals he had the prenup for the woman he was engaged to before her. Jake explains that she was the crazy woman who turned on the fire alarm sprinklers during their 1st date-iversary. 

They realize this means none of their date-iversaries were cursed: Jake faked an allergy; Dennah got Annie kicked in the head by a horse; Gil blew up their car; the bread pudding was poisoned on their 2nd date-iversary; and Kay tipped off Jake's crazy ex after a sexual encounter. Before Annie can declare there is no curse, the vent falls from the ceiling. 

Annie says she gives up, and the curse wins. Jake reminds her that she's always able to see the bright side of things. She tells Jake to burn the prenup which causes the fire alarm to go off. Someone comes in to get them out. Dennah tells Gil never to mention their kiss again.

Annie wants to get married one year from today so they can take back the day from the curse. At that moment, the water goes off from the fire alarm. They laugh about it and dance under the sprinklers until Annie says she needs to go to the hospital after the fall from the vent. 


Marry Me
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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Annie: And despite this minor power outage resulting in little more than...
Jake: ...You eating out of the trash like a raccoon.
Annie: Well they are highly intelligent animals with opposable thumbs, so I take that as a compliment.

Not to mention tonight has gone off without a curse... hitch.