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Everyone watches a home video of Annie performing "Fiddler on the Roof". Annie reminisces about doing musical theater in her backyard. Gil is preparing something for the Flemish pride parade.

Annie and Gil meet with their wedding planner. Annie knows everything about Jake's family, but Jake doesn't know anything about Annie's dads. She thinks he needs to make more of an effort. Jake goes o lunch with the Kevins. The Kevins think it's weird Annie isn't coming.

Annie helps Gil prepare a Flemish booth. Annie suggests a song. Gil wants them to team up and write a song together. 

The lunch is awkward. Kevin 1 and Jake realize they both like motorcycles. Jake suggests he get a motorcycle. When the Kevin 2 comes back to the table, he is upset by the idea of Kevin 1 getting a motorcycle. They fight and leave. 

Jake lies to Annie about the lunch. She tells Jake about her plan with Gil. Kevin 2 calls and wants to talk to Jake. Kevin 2 yells at Jake but Jake pretends the conversation is going great until he goes into the bedroom alone. 

Gil and Annie discuss what to make a song about. Gil and Annie start to fight. Kevin 1 gets a vespa but thinks it's a motorcycle. Kevin 2 comes and sees Kevin 1 and gets upset. Jake is blindsided when the Kevins start arguing about the topic of marriage. Kevin 1 rides off in a huff. 

Annie apologizes to Gil for arguing .They find their groove again and start working on a song. Jake goes to Kay and Dennah for advice about the Kevins. At the parade, Annie gets really nervous and hides in a porta potty. Jake talks to Kevin 1 about marriage. Jake opens up about his own fears of marriage before he proposed. Kevin 1 realizes he shouldn't be nervous about marrying Kevin 2.

At the parade, Kevin 1 shows up and proposes to Kevin 2. He says yes. Gil and Annie perform their song.

Marry Me
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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You have to try the pancakes. You will be blown away by how terrible they are.


Gil: I am 120% Flemish.
Jake: 120?
Gil: We had a little bit of inbreeding going on.
Annie: Why are you proud of that?
Gil: Well, it's nice to have a family that gets along.