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Annie and Jake get ready to watch an the finale episode of their favorite show, "The Moors", after holding out on spoilers for a week. When they turn on the TV, they see that the episode is listed as recently watched. They begin to accuse each other about lying about watching the show without the other. Their fight continues into the next day when they meet to have lunch with Annie's dads. They bring up the possibility of the watcher being one of their friends.

Kay is tired of all the talk about The Moors. A police car drives fast with the sirens blaring at Gil, Dennah, and Kay on the street. The officer comes out and starts kissing Dennah. Gil and Kay are more than confused. He's her new boyfriend, Gary. Gary's partner shows up, and she flirts with Gil. At their apartment with the gang, Annie and Jake laugh about their initial fight and say they know it was one of them who watched. They all deny it. They start arguing again. Dennah suggests getting her boyfriend to give them a lie detector test. They agree. When the girls leave the room to call Gary, Jake tells Gil he's busted. He's lying to Annie about having watched. 

In the bathroom, Jake admits his guilt and how he can't just tell her. The whole issue is about trust. He may have watched it, but he didn't on their TV which means Annie is lying too. Gary's partner continues to flirt with Gil. Gil is oblivious and Kay gives him a pep-talk. He runs outside to ask her out. She accepts. Both Annie and Jake will get tested at the same time. Gary starts asking them a few starter questions. Annie then goes in for the kill and asks Jake if he watched the show. However, her wording of the question is did he watch the season finale on their TV. He didn't, so his lie detector comes out clean. He then asks her. She says no, and her test comes out clean. They are both still mad at each other. 

Dennah believes she is above the law now, and starts acting out. She tells Gil he will love dating a cop. He says he's nervous, so Dennah suggests a group hang. Jake comes home from work during lunch and discovers Kevin 1 watching TV in his bedroom. It was Kevin 1 who watched the finale on their TV. Kevin 1 begs Jake not to tell Kevin 2. Jake lets it slip that he too watched it early. Jake can't believe how he blamed Annie. Turns out, at her office, Annie reveals she saw the finale with her co-workers because they watch it every week live in the office. As Annie leads a discussion with her co-workers about the finale, Jake is over-hearing her from outside holding flowers. He shakes his head in disgust and leaves before Annie can see him. 

Jake tells Kevin 1 that Annie's been lying too. Kevin tells Jake to just let it go. He's been lying to Kevin 2 for years regarding their TV shows. Jake doesn't want his and Annie's relationship to be full of lies. He also doesn't want to lose this fight. At the group date, Laguna, Gil's date, kisses him. She then kisses Gary. Everyone is freaked out. They reveal that they are married, but also like dating other people. Gil is not freaked out, but the girls make him leave with them. Gil's just happy he went on a date. Annie comes home to tell Jake how she doesn't want to fight and that she loves that Jake loves something she introduced him to. Jake reveals it was one of Annie's fathers who watched on their TV. He doesn't admit that he knows she lied. He keeps it to himself. 

Marry Me
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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Dennah: The other day, he [Gary] took me to the evidence room. Told me I could pick out anything I wanted.
Gil: So what'd you get?
Dennah: Really high.

I mean, it cannot be overstated how much a television program about social hierarchy and sexual atrocities in 19th century England has elevated our love.