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The girls wonder if Gil and Jake's relationship is sweet or weird. Kay sees her ex at the grocery store, but Annie and Dennah keep her from talking to her. Later, the girls confront Jake about Gil's dependency on him. At first he thinks their wrong, but Gil barges in needing his help again. Jake talks to Gil about their friendship and how Gil needs to take care of himself. They start to argue and Jake walks out.

Jake tells Annie his talk didn't go well with Gil. Gil begs Kay and Dennah to help him sort out his life. They decline saying her needs to sort out his life by himself. Jake talks out his feelings with Kevin 1 about Gil. Jake doesn't know what to do with himself now that Gil doesn't need him. Dennah and Annie catch Kay texting with her ex. Jake shows up and wants to have brunch with the girls. Jake thinks Kay should keep her ex around. Jake follows the girls to yoga. Jake declares that he and Gil are done. Dennah is furious when Jake outdoes her in class. 

Jake and the girls run into Gil at the grocery store. They try to upstage each other with how happy they are without each other. Kay tells the girls she hooked up with her ex again. Annie realizes Jake and Gil's breakup has affected the entire group dynamic. They try to make Gil need Jake again. Jake thinks Gil is better off without him. Gil calls and tells Jake to meet him. They make up after Jake rescues Gil from a tree. 


Marry Me
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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Jake: Wow, you're a real piece of work.
Gil: Yeah well, you're a real piece of what I work to push out of my bottom.
Jake: That was clever and hurtful.

Kay: When you guys [Annie and Jake] get married and have kids in a couple years, who knows who Gil will turn to for help. Some scam artist?
Annie: A child predator?
Dennah: A full grown predator?