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The gang shops inside a baby store for gifts for their friends' baby shower. Turns out no one really likes them, and they can't seem to remember the husband's the name. The only thing they do know is that he is a fertility doctor. Jake and Annie announce they have an appointment with him to make sure everything is okay for when the day comes and they want to have a baby.

At the baby shower, Doctor "what's his name?" tells Jake the majority of fertility issues comes from the man's side. Jake begins to freak out. Dennah is also freaking out because she discovers a mysterious mark on the side of her neck. Jake makes excuses to get out of going to the appointment the following day with Annie. Annie doesn't understand his change in behavior.

Annie and Kay talk about Jake. Kay reminds Annie she can watch what happened in the nursery between Jake and the Doctor because of the nanny-cam Kay gave the couple a few years back. Annie calls up Libby to ask to view the tape, but Libby says she and her husband are just about to watch and she'll fill Annie in. Unfortunately, Annie and Jake had talked smack about Libby and her husband, and they need to get the footage back before they watch.

Jake tries to make sure he'll have enough sperm by turning to different methods. Gil thinks he's acting crazy. Dennah gets more worried about her mark. Annie and Kay show up at the couple's house saying they want to watch with them. Annie distracts the couple while Kay sneaks the teddy bear cam into a backpack. Back at her apartment, they watch the footage. Annie calls Jake to tell him to come home.

Jake thinks no matter what, if there's a problem, it will be his fault. Annie tells him that's not true. At the medical building, Annie and Jake try to figure out which Doctor Berman is their guy. They go with Mike Berman and head upstairs. After Jake goes into the restroom to deliver his "sample", Annie realizes they are in the wrong office; a pediatrician's office. She tries frantically to tell him through the door, but he has headphones in. The pediatrician comes out dressed as a clown and unlocks the door and startles Jake.

Back downstairs, they run into the right Doctor Berman. They also run into Dennah and Gil. Doctor Berman looks at Dennah's neck and informs her it's just dirt. She's embarrassed and blames Gil for freaking her out. After they leave, Annie and Jake see Dr. Berman's name on his office door; it's Jake. Doctor Jake Berman hears them talk about finally learning his name and gets offended. He shuts the door on them, and they leave.

Marry Me
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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Kay: Annie, what's wrong?
Annie: Jake's acting weird, and not his usual shame-eat-a-lean-cuisin-in-the-middle-of-the-night-then-hide-the-plastic-tray-in-the-bathroom-garbage-weird. Like weird-weird.
Kay: Yeah because that first one was totally normal weird.

Jake: We have decided to start thinking about talking about...
Annie: ... being prepared for a time in the future when we may want to consider starting to talk about having kids.
Jake: Yep, that's the language we landed on.