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Annie is excited to host Thanksgiving. Jake reminds her that his mother, Myrna, is always the one to host. Annie convinces Jake that everything will be fine and their friends will pitch in. Jake reluctantly agrees, and they have to come up with a way to break the news to his mom.

At dinner with Myrna, Jake has a difficult time confronting his mom. Annie suggests she and Jake host Thanksgiving. Myrna looks horrified but agrees. Gil, Dennah, and Kay go grocery shopping. A grocer gets Gil to try different cheeses. Turns out Gil has an excellent palate for cheese. The grocer tells Gil to come back after closing to taste something special after hours.

Annie tells Jake that things are not alright between her and Myrna. Annie wants Jake to be on her side. Annie calls her dads to let them know about Thanksgiving. Annie thinks Jake's mom is trying to undermine her and says their Thanksgiving has to be the best ever. 

Jake goes with Gil to meet the grocer. They find themselves at a private tasting with cheeses not approved by the FDA. They think there's a raid and they all leave.

Annie tells the girls about Jake mom. They know she's right. Jake comes in and tells Annie she's acting crazy. Jake goes to see his mom. He tells her about his fight with Annie. Jake discovers his mom has already prepared Thanksgiving food. Jake goes to tell Annie that his mom is trying to undermine them. Jake rallies Annie, who has fallen apart. 

Jake and Annie spend the whole night preparing but discover the table they ordered is too small and the food starts to burn. Later, while everyone is sitting around the tiny table Jake makes a toast complimenting Annie. Gil reveals the cheese everyone is eating came from a woman. They all spit it out, and the tiny table breaks. Annie thinks Myrna is about the criticize her, but Myrna says she ruined her first Thanksgiving too. She doesn't want Annie to think she's trying to undermine her. Now that Thanksgiving is ruined, Myrna reveals she has a whole feast sitting in her car. 

Marry Me
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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jake, please. I really want to host this like Norman Rockwell-esque Thanksgiving where I come out and I'm holding the turkey like this and everyone's like, "Oh my god how does she do it? She makes it look so easy. She's like Jackie O meets Murphy Brown with Jennifer Aniston's arms."


Kay: You're taking American cheese singles to a holiday dinner party? Was the last Thanksgiving you went to hosted by a Garbage Pail Kid?
Gil: Ha ha, you're hilarious Kay, but you know you're not supposed to encourage my beliefs that the Garbage Pail Kids are real.
Kay: God, talking to you is not great.