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Annie is excited to spend time with her favorite cousin, Scooby. She tells Jake he's going to love him. Gil's apartment in being fumigated so he's looking to hang out with someone. Everyone is too busy. Gil feels like his life is moving backward while everyone else is leading more adult lives. At dinner with her parents, they all tell stories about Scooby to Jake. Kevin 2 mentions the bouquet he wants for his wedding. It's the same one Annie wants. Scooby surprises everyone. 

Dennah shows up at Kay's apartment. They proceed to watch a Law & Order marathon. After dinner, Scooby tells them he'll only be able to come to one of the weddings. Annie invites Scooby to stay with her and Jake. Jake tells Annie not to compete with her dad over who gets Scooby at their wedding. 

The next morning, Jake tells Annie Scooby left to hang out with her dads. Jake thinks Annie has started a bride war with her father. Annie really wants Scooby to be at her wedding. They head to find Scooby. Gil plays basketball with a bunch of 6th graders after he accidently hits himself in the nose and takes off his shirt to use to clean the blood. Dennah and Kay are still caught up in Law & Order that they forgot to meet Gil. Kevin 1 chastises Kevin 2 for getting into a bride war with their daughter. Annie and Jake show up. Annie and Kevin 2 start offering Scooby different things to be at their weddings. Finally Annie blurts out that she wants Scooby to officiate her wedding. Jake is shocked. 

Dennah and Kay show up and find Gil's bloody shirt he took off earlier. They panic and start using Law & Order lingo. Gil goes back to one of the kids' homes to play video games. Jake and Kevin 1 talk about the insanity going on with their significant others. They decide they need to talk to them. Jake has a plan. Jake tells the two of them they should do a double wedding so Scooby can come to both. They say great, but they don't mean it. Annie tells Jake in private she doesn't want this. Jake says it's all a part of his plan. Whomever says they don't want a double wedding first will lose Scooby. All Annie has to do is pretend she's okay with it. Back at the table, Annie and Kevin 2 overcompensate their excitement, until Annie cracks and says she doesn't want to share her day.

Kevin 2 apologizes for his behavior. She wants them to have their special day too, but not at the same time as her. Kevin 2 tells her she can have Scooby. Kevin 2 wants her to be their flower girl. Gil goes laser tagging with the kids. He runs into Dennah and Kay. They tracked him there. They apologize for being too busy lately. He forgives them. He goes and breaks up with the kids. Scooby tells everyone he just got invited to an underground Latin karaoke club. Annie and Jake attempt to sing in Spanish.  

Marry Me
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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Law & Order's not going to watch itself. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it could because it's that awesome.


Gil: So my place is getting fumigated 'cause I have fleas from that alley cat I fought.
Kay: It was just a piece of chicken, man. You should've let it go.