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The doctor briefs Dooley, Carter, and Thompson on Leviathan. Carter tells Dooley he believes one of the Russian girls killed Krzeminski and Dooley tells her to look into it. 

Peggy meets Jarvis at the diner where Angie gives Peggy a new key to her apartment. Jarvis tells Peggy about his conversation with Dooley. 

Sousa goes to the prison to talk to Sheldon. He shows him a picture of Peggy and Sheldon identifies her as the woman who beat him up. 

Jarvis takes Peggy to a jeweler where Stark buys bracelets for the women he meets and he gives them a list of names. Peggy's plan is to find these women and check their wrists for handcuff scars. 

Dottie uses the ruse of applying for a job to get into a dentist's office that's across the street from Dooley's office. She uses Morse Code to send a message to the Russian doctor. He responds to her with a new directive to kill Peggy. 

Peggy arrives at one of the girls' apartments and finds it empty, but confirms she is their girl by scratches on the bedpost caused by handcuffs.

Sousa informs Dooley about Peggy and SSR agents try to detain her at the diner. She takes them out, but runs into Thompson in the alley. He tries to convince her to turn herself in, but she knocks him out. She doesn't get far before Sousa stops her. He asks her not to run, but she does anyway.

Peggy returns to her apartment to retrieve Captain America's vile of blood. Thompson and Sousa break her door down as she hides on the windowsill.  The agents knock on Angie's door and she tells them that she was going to visit her sick grandmother. When they leave, Angie brings Peggy in through her window. 

Peggy runs into Dottie on her way out and Dottie kisses her using Peggy's knock out lipstick. Before Peggy passes out, she notices Dottie has scars on her wrist. Before Dottie can kill her, Thompson and Sousa arrive and arrest Peggy. 




Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Peggy: I need you to get me a list of all the women that Howard has entertained in the last year.
Jarvis: I'm not sure there's enough ink in all of New York to complete that request.
Peggy: Fine, just in the last six months then, is that possible?
Jarvis: Oh yes, I suggest we start with the Western Hemisphere.
Peggy: Oh please.

I am not inadequate. A plumber with flat feet, that's inadequate.