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Agent Peggy Carter arrives to work and when a crisis comes up, she's asked to stay and cover the phones. She works around it and joins the mission. She is the only woman in the debriefing. She stands up for Howard Stark and insists he's not a traitor. 

Agent Daniel Sousa tries to stand up for her, but she insists she doesn't need it. 

Peggy receives a not to meet in the back alley of a diner. A man is waiting for her and she believes he is attempting to abduct her, but she punches him and runs from the car that follows. The door opens to reveal Howard Stark. He tells her he needs her to help him clear his name. 

Peggy brings coffee into a meeting in order to listen in to the conversation and gain intel. She goes undercover to a party to talk to Mr. Raymond and knocks him out with her lipstick when he kisses her. She breaks into his safe and finds a bomb. She takes it in to her bathroom and manages to diffuse it. Peggy is attacked in her home and her friend is murdered. 

Peggy breaks into a facility and discovers a truck full of bombs like the first one. She calls Jarvis for an escape as one is about to go off. 

Peggy takes care of the rude customer that has been harassing her waitress friend, Angie. 


Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

What kind of thing is that, Agent Thompson, the alphabet? I can teach you. Let's start with words beginning with "A."


Angie: We all gotta pay our dues, even if it takes awhile. You've got talent, it's just a matter of time before Broadway calls.
Peggy: I'm afraid I can't carry a tune.
Angie: It doesn't matter when you got legs like yours.