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A man comes to Peggy's window, she perceives him as a threat, but it turns out he's trying to find his girlfriend who is the next room over. At breakfast the next morning, the girl is kicked out for breaking the no men upstairs rule. 

Peggy shows up at Jarvis' house and tells him she has an idea. She wants to find out how someone robbed Howard's impenetrable vault. 

Agents Thompson and Sousa arrive to question Jarvis about his car and Peggy hides from them. They ask Jarvis to ride downtown with them, leaving Peggy behind. 

Agent Thompson interrogates Jarvis about the car being at a crime scene and mentions that Jarvis was once charged with treason. Peggy comes to the rescue and gets him out of there before he is forced to give anything away, though it causes her to be reprimanded by her boss.

Peggy questions Jarvis about his treason charge. Jarvis tells her it was dropped almost immediately.He forged a name on transfer papers to save his wife who is Jewish. He and Anna were both saved by Howard. 

Peggy and Jarvis find a ship with the heart symbol left by Brannis. They board and find a device called a constrictor that causes involuntary muscle contractions. Peggy wants to call it in to her team, but Jarvis tells her that it will implicate her. Peggy relents and tells Jarvis to call it in anonymously from a phone across the street. 

Peggy is attacked and with Jarvis' help, they bring him down. He's picked up by Agent Krzeminski and in the car he mentions a English woman. Both Agent Krzeminski and the witness are killed before they can make it back to the office. 



Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I haven't been in the back of a car in years.


Jarvis: What brings you here?
Peggy: My land lady gave me an idea.
Jarvis: Oh splendid, now if we can get an opinion from your butcher.