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Whitney takes Dottie hostage and Vernon does his best to interrogate her.

While Jason is struggling with his inability to think straight, he's also growing impatient with Peggy's dual missions. While he tries to convince Peggy to give up on Dottie, Peggy explains that she is responsible for Dottie, and she won't stop until she's safe.

Daniel and Peggy agree to discuss their "situation" as soon as things calm down.

Whitney decides to interrogate Dottie on her own, and Dottie soon breaks, telling Whitney everything she wants to know. 

Using Whitney's blood sample, Jason creates a chamber that makes him corporeal again. He celebrates by immediately kissing Peggy, but Peggy's mind is elsewhere. 

Jarvis confronts Peggy about the two men in her life and the two have a somewhat frank discussion about love. 

While trying to rescue Dottie, Peggy and Jarvis find themselves caught, but are able to escape due to a miscalculation of Jarvis.

Peggy and Jarvis realize that the trap they walked into was not set for them.

Ana has an honest discussion about her fears for Jarvis' safety with Jason, only to have the evening interrupted by Whitney Frost, who is determined to get information from Jason. 

When tragedy strikes, and Vernon takes over the SSR, Peggy and Jarvis find themselves both concerned over the futures of the people they love.

Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Jarvis: Miss Carter, do you not feel that the sudden and inexplicable appearance of this signal is rather convenient?
Peggy: It isn't inexplicable, Mr. Jarvis, we're walking into a trap.
Jarvis: Oh.

You know, I'm not in the movie business but I think you're gonna need a lot more makeup to cover that up.

Dottie [to Whitney]