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Peggy and Jarvis work together to find the man who attacked Peggy. It's revealed that he is Calvin Chadwick's driver, Rufus. Using animal tranquilizers, they sedate and kidnap Rufus, with the intent to question him. Jarvis, however is hit by a dart, and finds himself unable to help. 

Daniel steps in and assists Peggy in questioning Rufus, and together they formulate a plan to get into the Arena Club.

Through a series of flashbacks, we learn about some key moments in Peggy Carter's past. She was once engaged to a man named Fred, and never dreamed that she was cut out to be a field agent in war, a role the her brother, Michael, suggested her for. 

When faced with two proposals, Peggy needed to make a choice about her future. Upon Michael's death, she chose to leave Fred behind, and become and agent. 

Whitney's past is also shown in flashbacks. We learn that she grew up with dreams of becoming a scientist, and that her emotionally abusive mother, Wilma, constantly drilled into Whitney that her brains would get her no where. 

Jason is beginning to feel the effects of Zero Matter, and is afraid of those feelings completely overtaking him. Peggy urges him to hold on, but how long can he do that for?

Vernon arrives at SSR before Peggy and Daniel can raid the Arena Club. It's unclear what his motives are, but he continues to warn them both that a tidal wave is coming.

Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Peggy: What are your feelings on committing a felony, Mr. Jarvis?
Jarvis: In this case, decidedly for.

I'm a genius. Whitney Frost? She defies categorization.