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Peggy Carter is back in action, working with the SSR to finally capture Dottie Underwood. 

Everything changes when Chief Thompson gets a call from Chief Sousa, head of the Los Angeles branch of the SSR. He needs help with an unusual case.

Naturally, Jack sends his best Agent, Peggy, to the city of angels. 

Peggy and Daniel are immediately immersed in an unusual case that has left a young girl frozen to death and glowing, and all signs of murder point to Isodyne Energy, an atomic company that is experiementing with new technology. 

At Isodyne, Peggy meets Dr. Jason Wilkes, who immediately takes a liking to her, and who also may have some answers when it comes to what exactly Isodyne has been researching. 

Jarvis bring Peggy to stay at Howard Stark's residence in Los Angeles, and his wife Ana is immediately taken with Agent Carter. 

Ready for another adventure, this time in the sunshine state, Peggy gives Jarvis a break from taming wild animals for Howard Stark and the two embark on a new espionage mission.

Vernon and the FBI take Dottie out of the custody of the SSR, and into their own. When Jack protests, Vernon warns him of the future for the SSR, leaving Jack with some decisions to consider for his future.

Marvel's Agent Carter
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